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Welcome to LFE Catalog

Our controllers come equiped with all the features you could need:

* Adaptive & auto tune

* IP 65 front panel shield

* Front panel configurability

* One output standard, two optional plus communications available

* Outputs plug-in for easy setup/change

* Universal inputs (RTD, T/C & analog); front panel selectable

* Full PID Heat/Cool capability

* Universal power supply

* Loop break alarm

* Analog retransmission (recorder output)

* Inputs: Thermocouple Types: J, K, R, S, T & B; RTD: PT 100 (3850 ppm); Current: 4-20mA, 0-20mA; Voltage: 0-50mV, 10-50mV, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V

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