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Welcome to Vulcain Catalog

Vulcain is a Division of Honeywell Analytics

Vulcain, a leader in the gas detection industry, 
designs and manufactures technologically superior products 
in order to provide clear solutions to ensure clear air.

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201T Series Transmitters View Details
E3 Point View Details
301C Modular Gas Detector Network Monitor View Details
GasPoint II Explosion-Proof Transmitters View Details
301EM IR Expansion Modules View Details
IAQ Portable Indoor Air Quality Probe Meter View Details
301W Wireless Gas Monitor Datalogger View Details
Sensepoint XCD Gas Detectors View Details
901T Floor Level Network Detector (FLN) View Details
SQN8x Sample Draw Systems View Details
90DM4 CO2 Transmitters View Details
ToxyPoint CO Detector View Details