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Pacific Scientific OECO is a division of the Pacific Scientific Aerospace Group. Pacific Scientific OECO is an industry leader in the design, manufacturing and aftermarket, servicing and specializing in the Power Generation, Power Conversion, Magnetic and Electrical Sensing products for the Defense, Commercial Aviation and High Reliability Industrial Applications.

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FW Bell 5180 RoHS Handheld Gaussmeter
RoHS GAUSSMETER * (STD18-0404 and Domestic AC adapter included) Transverse Probe Standard Certificate of Calibration is included.
FW Bell 5170 Handheld Gaussmeter Part # 415170
RoHS GAUSSMETER * (STH17-0404 and Domestic AC adapter included) Transverse
Three Channel Desktop Gaussmeter
The Model 8030 three channel GAUSS TESLA METER from F.W. Bell leads the way for Advanced Hall Effect Magnetic measurement technology. The easy to use ...