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In order to widen the breadth of products available to its customers, Scott Health and Safety has integrated the Scott Instruments line of portable and fixed gas detection instrumentation back into its full product line, once again offering customers the ability to order a complete line of safety products from detection to protection. Now, in addition to its full line of respiratory protection equipment in its Monroe, NC facility, Scott manufacturers a complete line of portable and fixed detection instruments including toxic and combustible gas monitors and detectors, controllers, and flame detectors.

For over 20 years, Scott Instruments has provided sensor based gas detectors to a full spectrum of industries including water/waste water treatment, semiconductor, chemical, petroleum, pulp and paper, power utilities, and hundreds more. Scott Instruments offers the widest selection of proven gas sensors available today to monitor gases such as arsine, combustibles, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrazine, isocyanates, ozone, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, NOx, and over 50+ other compounds.

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