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Handheld battery powered stroboscope


Price starts at $570.00

Product Code : DT-900

Manufacturer : Shimpo

Models Available:

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DT-900 TechStrobe 40-12,500 fpm

DT-900 (includes battery, charger, spare flashtube)
DT-900-U (includes battery, universal charger, spare flashtube)

Techstrobe Kits 40-12,500 fpm

DT-900-TR Traveler Kit: Includes case, holster, battery, charger, spare flashtube
DT-900-PR Professional Kit: Includes case, holster, 2 batteries, charger, spare flashtube
DT-900-UT: Includes case, holster, battery, universal charger, spare flashtube
DT-900-UP: Includes case, holster, 2 batteries, universal charger, spare flashtube

The DT-900 TechStrobe and DT-900-PR TechStrobe Professional Kit from Shimpo Instruments is the perfect tool for slow motion, or stop action stroboscopic inspection. The Shimpo TechStrobe is the only palm size unit to include a Phase shift feature. Phase shifting allows the TechStrobe operator to advance or retard the flash timing by degrees° of angle, without changing the actual flash rate (FPM) of the TechStrobe.

Employing its unique Phase shifting feature, the TechStrobe “freezes” rotating or reciprocating machinery for visual inspection of covered gear teeth, shafts, oil/fuel/ink injector patterns, and print media; all without stopping production.

The TechStrobe is completely portable and operates up to 2.5 hours at 1600 FPM from its detachable, rechargeable battery. The ergonomically designed battery serves as the padded grip area. The battery is quickly detached and recharged while another battery is snapped into place.

Designed for right or left hand, all TechStrobe functions are intuitive and easy to use. Quality and Maintenance Professionals will appreciate the rotary and push button controls for internal flash (FPM/RPM) control, external triggering, tachometer mode and Phase shift control. The push buttons rapidly increase (x 2), or decrease (÷2) the flashes per minute (FPM) and change by degrees° the Flash phase.

Compact, impact resistant and rugged, with that balanced feeling for one-handed operation, the TechStrobe will quickly become one of the Quality and Maintenance Professionals’ favorite tools.

Not sure which sensor to use with your stroboscope? Use our
Sensor cross-reference

Features Benefits

Rechargeable replaceable Battery

Fast "Click in" battery battery replacement for recharging
Long Battery Charge Life Minimum of 2.5 hrs at 1600 FPM (flash per Minute)
Ergonomic Design
One handed operation
Intuitive Control Layout Simple to operate
Small hand held design Fits most hands, easy to hold
Light Weight/padded handle Reduced fatigue,easy to hold
Tri-pod Mount
Hands free holding with (1/4 x 20) mounting for swing arms, camera style tripods
Rotary and Push Button Flash Control Fast Up/Down push button, Fine tune with Rotary encoder
Flash Phase Shift Precise flash timing control (5 degree increments) push button or rotary control
Fast Charger No long wait for re-charging
Continuous Duty (adjustable) Full time Flash with selectable "automatic off
Tach Mode Provide RPM display when external sensor is attached
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