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MicroCal PM200 High Accuracy Pressure Calibrator System


Price starts at $285.00

Product Code : MicroCal PM200

Manufacturer : E Instruments

Signal Calibration:
Power Supply:
Internal Sensor:
External Hand Pump:

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Download or View this product's / series details and specifications Specifications (PDF)

MicroCal PM200 System, is primarily
used for calibrating transmitters over the
range -0.8 bar to 20 bar gauge,
absolute and differential.
Used in conjunction with external
transducers, the range of the instrument
can be extended to 700 bar.


MicroCal200 ± 0.02% rdg.

MicroCal200+ ± 0.01% rdg.

MicroCal2000+ ± 0.005% rdg

MicroCal PM200
Each unit includes:
Base Unit with Leather case with shoulder strap
Instruction Manual
Certificate of calibration
2pcs. tube holder (3 pcs. if dual sensor)
Warranty: 1 Year
Measures and Simulates:
  • millivolt, volt, milliampere (active and passive loop), ohm, temperature with thermocouples, temperature with resistance thermometers, frequency, pulse, and pressure
  • High pressure accuracy (±0.025% of full scale)
  • Intelligent pressure module for:
    gauge, differential and absolute pressure measurement and generation combined with a high accuracy 2-channel multifunction MicroCal 200 Calibrator
  • Simultaneous display of pressure and electrical signal values with 24 vdc loop power supply (active and passive loop)
  • Pressure range:
    from -0.8 bar to 20 bar with internal sensors and up to 700 bar with external sensor
  • Internal pressure/vacuum generation with opitional built-in hand pump, volume adjuster, and vent valve for pressure transmission calibration
  • CalpMan software to document test and calibration activity
  • Data logger with memory extension (PCMCIA card) for more than 300,000 data records
  • Graphic LCD display with trend recording capabilities
  • Pressure transmission test with direct reading of % error

F3280013 External -0,8 to 2bar pump (F3280013)
F3280019 External -0,95 to 40bar pump (F3280019)
F3280018 External 350bar oil/water pump (F3280018)
F3280015 External 700bar hydraulic pump (F3280015)
F3280015+Hose External 700bar hydraulic pump (F3280015)+ HP hose
External 1000bar hydraulic pump + HP hose

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