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Automated 4-20 mA Diagnostic Calibrator


Price starts at $995.00

Product Code : PIE Model 434

Manufacturer : PIE

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PIE Model 434 - High Accuracy Automated 4-20 mA Diagnostic Calibrator with atented Current Leakage Test. includes rubber boot, carrying case and FREE Traceable Certificate of Calibration

• Easy to use

With the PIECAL 434 you can check, calibrate

and measure all your current signal instruments in a

4 to 20 milliamp DC loop. It can be used at any access point in your loop. Source & Read 0.000 to 24.000 mA, Simulate

a 2 Wire Transmitter or use the PIECAL 434 to simultaneously power your 2 Wire Transmitter and measure its output.

• Easy to read

Turn on backlight & easily see the display in dark areas of the plant.

• Troubleshoot loop problems

Quickly diagnose ground fault and current leakage with the

patented loop diagnostic technology (US Patent# 7,248,058).

• Source milliamps

Calibrate recorders, digital indicators, stroke valves or any

instruments that get their input from a 4 to 20 mA loop. Easily set any value quickly to within 0.001 mA with the adjustable digital potentiometer "DIAL" or use preset 4.000 mA (0.00%) and 20.000 mA (100.00%) EZ-CHECK™ settings.

• Automatic output stepping & ramping

Press & hold the dial to automatically step from 4 to 20 in 2, 3 or 5

steps or choose a continuous ramp.

• Calibrate using loop power

Check loop wiring and receivers by using the PIECAL 434 in place

of a 2 Wire transmitter. Uses any loop power from 2 to 60 V DC.

• Read loop current

Check controller outputs or measure the milliamp signal anywhere

in the loop. The PIECAL 434 measures 0.000 to 24.000 mA (-25.00 to 125.00%) signals with greater accuracy than a typical multimeter.

• Power & measure 2 wire transmitters

The PIECAL 434 can simultaneously output 24V DC to power any and

all devices in a process loop using the internal batteries and internal


Actual Size


switching power supply, while measuring the output of a 2 Wire Transmitter and any other loop devices. Powers

HART™ transmitters with built-in 250 ohm resistor simplifying hookups with HART communicators.

• Read DC volts

The PIECAL 434 can measure from -60.00 to +60.00 VDC with 0.01 Volt resolution. Use it to check loop power

supplies, I/V converters, 1 to 5 Volt signals, and other voltages making it unnecessary to carry a multimeter.

• Evolutionary design

PIECAL Calibrators are designed and built by members of the same team that designed and built the calibrators

manufactured by Fluke* under the Altek* label. The PIECAL 434 improves upon other brands by including a rubber boot, tilt stand, backlit display with larger digits, rugged switches and a battery compartment for fast battery


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