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608-H1 Large display temp & RH meter


Price starts at $120.00

Product Code : 0560 6081

Manufacturer : Testo

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testo 608-H1 Large Display
Humidity Meter 0560 6081

  • With dew point calculation and max/min 2 line LCD display
  • Humidity Sensor not affected by Water
  • Stand-alone or attachable
  • Powered by 9V PP3 Battery (supplied)
  • NTC probe
  • Covers 10 to 95% Humidity
  • Reads Humidity and Temp & Dewpoint
  • Wall Mountable


An attractive and compact design, the testo 608s allow continuous measurement of temperature, humidity and dew point.

The economical testo 608-H1 hygrometer is ideal for continuous measurement of humidity, temperature and dew point. The Model 608-H2 is more accurate and features an LED alarm that warns if a preset limit is exceeded. Either model is the ideal solution for a wall mounted or benchtop humidity indicator.

The 608 is ideal for monitoring computer rooms, museums, plant growth areas, drug storage & manufacturing.

The testo 608-H2 Humidity Meter reads temperature, humidity and dewpoint with a large digit display, MIN/MAX and LED Alarms. The accuracy for humidity is improved over the 608-H1 to +/-2%.

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