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MicroManometer Kit


Price starts at $745.75

Product Code : AXD563

Manufacturer : Alnor

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Alnor AXD Micromanometers are used by test and balance professionals, contractors and facilities engineers to measure pressure, velocity, or volume in general industrial applications. The AXD 540 Micromanometer is ideal for taking velocity traverses in ductwork and for verifying the accuracy of installed gauges. The AXD 560 is an high-performance instrument for HVAC professionals who need fast, accurate pressure or volume, or velocity measurements combined with advanced calculation and data logging capabilities.

All AXD Micromanometers measure pressure, calculate velocity when used with a pitot probe, calculate averages of pressure or velocity readings, and have one-key zeroing to ensure the accuracy of your readings. You can print your readings when using the optional MicroPrinter Portable Printer.

The AXD 560 includes better resolution, advanced calculations, and data logging abilities. It calculates volume automatically when a duct size and shape is entered, and stores up to five different K factors for use when measuring volume. This model also converts between actual and standard velocity or volume readings, stores up to 1000 samples of pressure, velocity, or volume, and calculates statistics for the stored samples. All stored data can be reviewed on the instrument display or downloaded to a computer spreadsheet using the supplied Alnor downloading software.

Both the AXD 540 and the AXD 560 are available alone or as kits containing the accessories needed to make a variety of pressure, velocity, and volume measurements.

  AXD 560 AXD 540
range pressure -5 to 15 in. H2O (-1245 to 3735 Pa) -5 to 15 in. H2O (-1245 to 3735 Pa)
  velocity 250 to 15,500 ft/min (1.27 to 78.7 m/s) 250 to 15,500 ft/min (1.27 to 78.7 m/s)
  volume up to 9,999,000 cfm, m3/h, l/s NA
accuracy ±1% of reading ±0.005 in. H2O (±1% of reading ±1 Pa) ±1% of reading ±0.005 in. H2O (±1% of reading ±1 Pa)
resolution 0.0005 in. H2O (0.1 Pa) 0.001 in. H2O (1 Pa)
data storage 1000 samples NA
power source four AA-size alkaline batteries four AA-size alkaline batteries
battery life typical 40 hours typical 40 hours
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