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Tracker 290 Series Large Displays


Price starts at $1,397.45

Product Code : dt290

Manufacturer : Datatrack

Alarm Relays:
Analog Output:

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Download or View this product's / series details and specifications Specifications (PDF)

The Tracker 290 Series Models
Descriptions of different models relays and outputs
Model 292 ● 5 Digit, Tri colour, 57mm high LED
● Universal input
● 24/10VDC sensor excitation
● 18 point linearisation, square root, SG correction
● Includes configuration cable and s/w
Model 294 ● 5 Digit, Tri colour, 101mm high LED
● Spec as per T292

Unlike conventional large process displays, the Tracker 290 large digit/number display places the sensor input, transducer supplies, optional alarm relays and analogue outputs into the remote measurement module. This provides you with an easier installation and shorter sensor cable lengths; only AC power and a two-core communication cable need to be wired to the display. The remote measurement module can be up to 1.2 km from the large digit/number display and you can mount it on a standard T35 DIN rail local to the point of measurement.

You can make any field changes at the remote module using a standard PC. No longer are you required to use special configuration devices, often while standing on a ladder. No confusing menus. We supply an easy to use PC configuration program and cable with the Tracker 290 large digit/number display to perform this task.

Three-Colour Display as Standard

The Tracker 290 display colour is controlled by alarm setpoints configured in the remote measurement module. This allows green, orange or red displays dependent on the measurement value. The large digit/number display can be set to any one or two colours.

Quad Alarm Relay Option

Powered and controlled by the remote measurement module, this option gives four, isolated volt-free change over contacts for alert and control applications. The alarm relay option is mounted next to the remote measurement module. Alarms can be high, low or deviation, with alarm delay and hysteresis features.

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