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LaserLight Source with SC Connector 1550nm


Price starts at $835.00

Product Code : LS310SC

Manufacturer : Extech

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  • Temperature compensated laser light sources with 1310nm or 1550nm output supply -10dBm of stable optical power into single mode fiber
  • Provide 50dB measurement range when used with FiberMeter or MicroMeter
  • Single battery provides over 60 hours of operation
  • Rugged, splash proof case
  • Single switch operation


Light sources emit light at a certain wavelength in nanometers (nm), which is detected at the other end of a fiber by a photo detector calibrated to the same wavelength. The center wavelength of the light source is measured at the point of peak intensity. Light sources emit a range of wavelengths, not just one. The difference between the lowest and the highest frequency of light is called the spectral width. For practical purposes, spectral width is measured at Full Width-Half Maximum (FWHM); the width (Full Width) is measured at the point exactly halfway between zero power and peak power (Half Maximum). Careful use of this source will provide years of reliable service.

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