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CH4 Transmitter, 4-20mA, Audible Alarm, Relay, Display, 0-100%


Price starts at $680.00

Product Code : VA201TQ2CH4-CAR-D

Manufacturer : Vulcain

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Download or View this product's / series details and specifications End of Life Announcement: 201M, 201T and 301M Series

This announcement is to alert you of our intent to discontinue the 201M, 201T and 301M Vulcain product

lines. Honeywell Analytics will continue to supply spare parts and service for these products for 24

months after they are withdrawn from the market or for as long after that date as supplies of inventory


Discontinued Product Lines:

201M: Stand-Alone Gas Monitor

201T: Gas Detection Transmitter

301M: Stand-Alone Single and Dual Gas Monitor

Effective dates for this announcement are:

• Immediate Discontinuance of 301M due to lack of parts availability.

• Expected date of withdrawal February 5, 2010; 201M & 201T.

• Date for last time buy is February 5, 2010; 201M & 201T.

We are providing advance notice of our intent to discontinue these product lines to allow time to

determine the most optimum migration path for each situation. The following products are available as


E³Point: Toxic and Combustible Gas Monitor (new product)

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