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GL500AVF Midi Logger Dual


Price starts at $2,470.00

Product Code : GL500AVF

Manufacturer : Graphtec

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Download or View this product's / series details and specifications Specifications (PDF)

The GL500A midi LOGGER dual from Graphtec brings higher speed recording and high isolation to the familar small size and affordale price of the GL series!

Modern conveniences such as Ethernet and USB 2.0 interfaces are included, along with a PCMCIA flash memory card port, so you can easily get the data out of your GL500A and transfer it to your computer. Data are normally captured into the GL's large internal memory, at rates selectable from 1 ms to 1/hour! You can record for hours, days, or even weeks with the 2 MS memory.

Main Features

  • GL500A has the 4.7" color LCD display
  • Built-in Ethernet 100Tx and USB 2.0 interfaces
  • Accepts voltages and thermocouples (see module types below)
  • 4, 8, or 16 channels (up to 8 with isolation)
  • Voltage input levels: +/- 0.1V to +/- 100V
  • Thermocouple input types: B, R, S, T, N, K, W, E, J
  • Continuous battery charge during operation
  • Dual speed sampling mode allows low and high speed simultaneous recording
  • 2 MS internal memory is standard
  • PCMCIA flash memory slot is standard
  • Includes also 4 pulse inputs, 1 trigger input
    Includes 4 x alarm outputs
  • Ultra small A5 size (210mm × 150mm × 40mm)
  • Includes Windows software for setup, control, data transfer, data conversion to ASCII and Excel formats, and on-screen data review with cursors

Options and Upgrades

  • Plug any two input modules into your GL500A:
  • 4VF 4 channel voltage module, isolated
  • 4MF 4 channel voltage/temperature module, isolated
  • 8MS 8 channel voltage/temp module, non-isolated
  • Other available options:
  • B-517 battery pack (approx 2 hours operation)
  • B-513 logic/alarm cable (4 logic/pulse inputs and 4 alarm outputs)
  • B-514 DC power cable

High Isolation
We've got input modules available with and without isolation (with twice as many channels) depending on your requirements.

On-board Filtering
Dynamic channels demand filtering, we we've got it. Select from off, line (1.5 Hz), 5 50, 500 Hz (-3dB roll-off, -6 db/Q).

Dual-Speed Acquisition
While you're trending data at low-speed to one file, triggered data can be captured at a higher speed to a separate file! Sample rates as high as 500 kHz can be achieved when capturing one channel, or as fast as 20 kHz when all 16 channels are captured.

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