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WR3320 80mm - Linearcorders


Price starts at $4,745.25

Product Code : WR3320-80mm

Manufacturer : Graphtec

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Download or View this product's / series details and specifications Specifications (PDF)

The WR3320 Linearcorder Mark VII is a thermal writing pen oscillograph which has been designed to meet the standards required by even the most exacting of professionals, including government agencies all over the world. This is a proud testament to their reliability and legendary performance.

The Linearcorder Mark VII is capable of recording high-speed phenomena of up to 140 Hz, and can therefore be used for a wide range of applications - from production sites to the laboratory. The WR3320 can be configured as a 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or 6-channel recorder with an amplitude of 80 mm. per channel or as a 2-, 4-,6-, 8-, or 12-channel recorder with an amplitude of 40 mm. per channel. (40 and 80 mm. channels).

Continuous Recording Up to 200 Meters

Both roll and Z-fold paper can be used with the WR3320. 100 meter lengths stock inside the recorder, while an optional Z-fold chart supply box with a take-up tray enables the use of 200 meter lengths. Roll paper can be rewound simply by pressing the REWIND switch, and an automatic roll chart take-up unit is available as an option

Multiple Remote Control Functions

Remote control functions such as pen heat on/off, chart feed start/stop, synchronization with an external pulse, output of paper-end signal, input of event marker signals, and input/output of time marker signals enable automated, unmanned operation.

1 V d.c. Reference Voltage Output

Rear panel reference voltage output connectors enable easy calibration whenever plug-in units have been exchanged. The reference voltage output used for calibration is 1 V d.c.

What's in a Name?
The WR3320 was previously referred to as the WR3320. This is the same instrument - only the name has changed slightly, to keep up with our continuous quality improvements.


Main Features

  • Models from 2 to 12 channels
  • 40 or 80 mm wide channels available
  • Legendary Graphtec quality and reliability
  • Plug-in signal amplifiers
  • Bandwidth (frequency response): dc to 140 Hz
  • Sprocket drive chart paper eliminates drift and skew
  • High quality, low maintenance pen writing
  • Selectable chart speeds
  • Time marker along left chart edge


  • With 40mm wide channels:
    • WR3320-2 [2 channels]
    • WR3320-4 [4 channels]
    • WR3320-6 [6 channels]
    • WR3320-8 [8 channels]
    • WR3320-12 [12 channels]
  • With 80mm wide channels
    • WR3320-1D [1 channel]
    • WR3320-2D [2 channels]
    • WR3320-3D [3 channels]
    • WR3320-4D [4 channels]
    • WR3320-6D [6 channels]

Options & Upgrades

  • For 40mm wide channels
    • AL3301 Medium Gain Amp 5mV to 100V/cm
    • AH3301 Medium Gain Amp 1mV to 500V/cm
    • AS3301 Zero Suppression Amp 5mV to 20V/cm
  • For 80mm wide channels
    • AL3302 Medium Gain Amp 2.5mV to 50V/cm
    • AH3302 Medium Gain Amp 1mV to 250V/cm
  • Other Options
    • TC-01 IRIG time code interface
    • TC-02 NASA time code interface
    • A variety of options are available, including roll chart take-ups, shipping cases, additional event markers, and many more
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