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2517 Adjustable Brass Flow Sensor


Price starts at $416.65

Product Code : 3-2517.100

Manufacturer : GF Signet

Model / Description:

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2517 Adjustable Brass Flow Sensor
Metal Paddlewheel

The +GF+ SIGNET 2540 offers the added strength and corrosion resistance of stainless steel for applications with low velocity measurements. Unique internal circuitry eliminates the need for magnets in the process fluid, enabling lower flow measurement while maintaining the advantages of insertion sensor design. The 2540's unique rotor/bearing design offers low flow measuring capability with increased reliability. For remote applications, the 2517 Brass High Performance Flow Sensor is available and will operate with the 5100 Battery Operated Flow Monitor.
  • Rugged 316 stainless steel construction
  • Flow rates as low as 0.3 ft/s
  • Installs in a variety of pipe sizes
  • No magnets in process fluid
  • Removal without shutdown with Hot-Tap version
  • Uses standard pipe connections


  • HVAC
  • Water & wastewater
  • Industrial process
  • Large pipe sizes


  • 5100 Flow Monitor (2517 only)
  • 8512 Flow Transmitter
  • 5500 Flow Monitor
  • 8540 Pump Pulser
  • 5600 Batch Controller
  • 9010 Flow Controller

Technical Data

Output Signal: 80 mV p-p per ft/s
Output Frequency: 20 Hz per ft/s
Operating Range: 1.6 to 20 ft/s
Pressure/Temperature: 225 psi @ 212 degrees F max.
Materials: Body: C36000 free cutting brass
Sensor fitting: C36000 free cutting brass
O-rings: Viton® (EPR optional)
Rotor: CD4MCu
Rotor bearings: Fluoroloy B
Rotor shaft: Tungsten Carbide
Cable type: Twisted pair with foil shield
Cable Length: 25 ft. (200 ft. max.)
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