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Transmation 195


Price starts at $10,898.42

Product Code : 195

Manufacturer : Transmation

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Download or View this product's / series details and specifications Specifications (PDF)
  • Field hardened-temperature characterized from 0° to 50° C
  • Portable/weighs less than 15 lbs
  • Built-in mrocroprossor controlled compressor to automatically generate and control pressure
  • Modular design- choose the option you need
  • Unsurpassed accuracy to 0.025% of pressure reading or 0.01% of full scale electrical value
  • Pressure control stability up to 0.002 inches of water column (Quick Cal 191/196) or 0.02 inches of water column (Quick Cal 190/15)
  • Monitor up to three parameters simultaneously
  • Bright, sunlight readable high resolution, backlit paperwhite display
  • Documenting models interface with leading CMS packages, including Blue Mountain, AMS and Cornerstone


  • Batteries and Charger
  • Test Leads


113410 Transmation 140/160/1292/1294 Calibrator interface for Cornerstone Base Station
114410 Transmation 195/196/1292/1294/160/180 Calibrator interface for Cornerstone Cal Station
190-CS Carrying Case For QuikCal190P Series Pressure Calibrators
40E mA/V Simulator Module
502226-131 12V Charger for Model 190 Series Pressure Calibrator
60T T/C Simulator Module
65135MM Transcat Universal Test Probe Set
700ILF In-Line Filter
70T RTD Simulator Module
90-1000G Isolated QuikCal Pressure Module, 1000 PSI
90-100G Isolated QuikCal Pressure Module, 100 PSI
90-10G Isolated QuikCal Pressure Module, 10 PSI
90-10WD 90 Series Pressure Module + -10 H20 Diff
90-15A 15 PSIA ±0.05% FS
90-15C VAC to 15 PSIG ±0.05% FS
90-15V VAC to 0 PSIG ± 0.05% FS
90-2500G Isolated QuikCal Pressure Module, 2500 PSI
90-300G Isolated QuikCal Pressure Module, 300 PSI
90-30A Absolute Module 30 PSIA ± 0.05% FS
90-30G Isolated QuikCal Pressure Module, 30 PSI
90-500G Isolated QuikCal Pressure Module, 500 PSI
90-5G Isolated QuikCal Pressure Module, 5 PSI
90-5KG 90 Series Pressure Module 5000 PSIG
IDT600-2 500 PSI Dirt/Moisture Trap
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