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Phase & Motor Rotation Tester


Price starts at $129.95

Product Code : PRM-4

Manufacturer : Fluke

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Included Accessories Test Leads (red, green, and blue) with alligator clips (TL-PRM-4), Soft Vinyl Case, Users Manual, 9 V Battery

  • Identifies 3-phase sequence and open phase check
  • Motor shaft rotation indication protected by CAT III circuitry
  • CAT III 600V rated for both testing segments
  • Meets current EN61010 safety requirements, CSA, EN61557-7
  • Supplied with three CAT III rated color coded large alligator clips and test leads
  • Zippered carrying case for portability

  F E A T U R E S
Battery Life:      Approximately 200 hours typical with carbon-zinc battery
Size:      153 mm x 72 mm x 35 mm (6.02 x 2.83 x 1.37 in)
Weight:      Approximately 218 g (7 oz) including battery.
Safety:      Conforms to EN61010-1:2001 CAT III 600V, Pollution degree 2, Class 2 CSA 22.2 -1010-1 EN61557-7
Instruction Manual:      Yes
Detailed Specs:      Yes
Hi-Resolution Image:      Yes

  S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

Phase Sequence: Input Voltage:     3 phase to phase inputs 100 V ac to 600 V ac max.
Phase Sequence: Frequency:     45 to 70 Hz
Phase Sequence; Operating Time:     10 minutes ON maximum at 600 V ac 10 minutes OFF minimum at 600 V ac
Phase Sequence; 3-Phase load:     Approx. 7 mA per phase of ac power source
Motor Rotation: Operating Time:     10 minutes ON maximum 10 minutes OFF minimum.
Motor Rotation tester field:     14 mA of 9 V battery

  O P T I O N A L    A C C E S S O R I E S

Part Number     Description
TL-PRM-4 Replacement Test Leads
FP900 Replacement Fuses

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