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4 Channel Anemomaster


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Product Code : 1570

Manufacturer : Kanomax


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Kanomax 1570 4-Channel Anemomaster

4-channel anemometer capable of temperature, humidity and differential pressure measurements

The Kanomax 1570 Anemomaster is a 4-channel anemometer with a compact body and a wide probe selection making it ideal for use in various applications. The 1570 has the ability of simultaneously measuring air velocity from 4 probes allowing air temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure monitoring. This Kanomax anemometer is capable of taking measurements at high-time-resolution (0.1 sec) and features a RS-232C terminal for data logging.

Each channel display of the Kanomax 1570 4-channel Anemomaster can be easily switched over by the touch of a button and probe compatibility saves your downtime. Windows® software gives you simultaneous measurement on air velocity and flow rate. The measurement data is saved in text format for easy processing using other software.

Probes compatible with the Kanomax 1570 4-channel Anemomaster feature measuring ranges up to 20-10,000 fpm and are as accurate as ±20 fpm. All compatible probes also include temperature compensation between 41° and 176°F (5° to 80°C). Probes are not included with the meter and must be purchased separately as accessories.

The Kanomax 1570 ships complete with meter, operation manual, RS232C cable, power cable, 2 x fuse, and data processing software.

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