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FP Flow Probe


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Product Code : FP111

Manufacturer : Global Water

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  • Digital display in ft/sec or m/sec
  • Records 30 data sets for later analysis
  • Rain-proof digital computer
  • Highly accurate easy flow monitoring
  • Debris shedding turbo-prop
  • Lightweight, rugged, and reliable
  • Telescoping handle with staff gauge
  • Padded carrying case for easy storage
  • CE Certified
  • Used by water professionals worldwide since 1990
  • Ideal for measuring flows in streams, rivers, canals, stormwater, wastewater, inflow and infiltration studies, and industrial process waters
FlowProbe Product Description
water flow meter,propeller
The Flow Probe's Turbo-Prop
digital water velocity monitor
The Flow Probe's Digital Readout Display
The Global Water Flow Probe is a highlyaccurate water velocity instrument for measuring flows in open channels andpartially filled pipes.ÿ The water velocity probe consists of a protectedwater turbo prop positive displacement sensor coupled with an expandable probehandle ending in a digital readout display.ÿ The water flow meterincorporates true velocity averaging for the most accurate flow measurements.ÿThe Flow Probe is ideal for storm water runoff studies, sewer flow measurements,measuring flows in rivers and streams, and monitoring water velocity in ditchesand canals.Turbo-Prop Sensor

The Flow Probe incorporates the unique Turbo-Prop propeller sensor, which usesthe most accurate positive displacement technique available for velocitysensing.ÿ The Turbo-Prop is designed to shed debris and is protected insidea 2" diameter housing.ÿ The probe housing may be placed directly onthe bottom of a pipe or streambed for measuring low flows down to 2" indepth.ÿ The flow meter propeller rotates freely on its bearing shaft withno mechanical interconnections for minimal friction.ÿ Magnetic material inthe propeller tip passes a pickup point in the water velocity meter handleproducing electrical impulses that are carried to the readout display by aninternal cable.ÿ The Turbo-Prop is easily removed for cleaning orreplacement.Water Velocity Computer

The water velocity computer receives an electrical signal from the propeller,amplifies the signal, and converts the reading to feet per second (or meters persecond, depending on programming).ÿ The large LCD screen displays average,minimum, and maximum water velocity readings.ÿ Up to 30 sets of time anddate stamped data points can be stored in the computer with the push of abutton.ÿ These data points can be reviewed on the computer screen for lateranalysis.ÿ The water velocity computer has a water-resistant housing andincorporates a unique four-button operation for changing functions and resettingthe display.ÿ The water velocity computer is powered by a non-replaceablebattery that will last approximately five years with normal use.ÿ Lowbattery and end of data warnings will also display as appropriate.Flow Probe Handle

The Flow Probe handle can telescope from 3 feet to 6 feet in length (FP111) or 5feet to 15 feet (FP211).ÿ The handle is constructed of anodized aluminumfor light weight and long life.ÿ The 15 foot length of the FP211, FlowProbe, allows for measuring sewer flows from street level and measuring streamflows from low bridges.ÿ A 3-foot mylar coated staff gauge graduated inhundredths of a foot and centimeters) is attached to the lower section of thewater velocity probe for instant water depth measurements and accurate propellerpositioning.True Velocity Averaging

The Flow Probe can be used to measure the true average water velocity of achannel?s flow.ÿ As long as the turbo-prop sensor is in the water flow,the computer will average the water velocity. One reading is taken persecond, and a continuous average water velocity is displayed.ÿ To obtainthe true average velocity the flow probe should be slowly moved throughout thecross sectional area being measured.ÿ Once the reading becomes steady, thetrue average water velocity of the cross sectional area is obtained.ÿ Thisallows for highly accurate flow measurements, which average the differences invelocities that occur throughout a flow?s cross-section and with water surgesover time.ÿ The average water velocity can be saved by pressing the SAVEbutton and reviewed later.Optional

Swivel Head

The Flow Probe Swivel Head option allows you to rotate the flow probe's turboprop to + 90 degrees from it's standard position.ÿ This option letsthe flow probe take water velocity measurements in hard to measure areas such asvertical pipes on water tanks or swimming pool drainage systems.FlowProbe SpecificationsRange: 0.3-19.9 FPS (0.1-6.1 MPS)
Accuracy: 0.1 FPS
Averaging: True digital running average.ÿ Updated once per second.
Display: LCD, Glare and UV Protected
Control: 4 button
Datalogger: 30 time and date stamped data sets
Features: Timer, Low battery warning, and End of data warning
Sensor Type: Protected Turbo-Prop propeller with magnetic pickup.
Instrument: 2 lbs. (0.9 kg) (FP111), 3 lbs.(1.4 kg) (FP211)
Shipping: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) (FP111), 13 lbs.(5.9 kg) ((FP211)
Expandable Length: 3 to 6 ft (0.9 to 1.8 m) (FP111); 5 to 15 ft (1.5 to4.6 m) (FP211)
Probe: PVC and anodized aluminum withstainless steel water bearing
Computer: ABS/Polycarbonate housing withpolyester overlay
Power: Internal Lithium Battery, Approx 5 year life, Non-Replaceable
Operating Temperature: -4ø to 158ø F (-20ø to 70ø C)
Storage Temperature: -22ø to 176ø F (-30ø to 80ø C)
Carrying Case: The Flow Probe is shipped in a padded carrying case.
Approvals: CE
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