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DigitalTemperature Indicator


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Product Code : 500T

Manufacturer : Doric

Series 500 Models:

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Model 500T - High Quality, Small
Size Temperature Indicator

  • 0.1°/1° Auto Resolution

  • F°/C° Switchable

  • Compatible With Nine Temperature Sensor Types

  • Rotary Switch Selects Sensors

  • Repeatable To 1 Count

  • Alarm Option

  • Multi Channel Option

  • Made in USA


Model 500D - Economical, User-Scalable, DC Input Indicator

  • mA and Volts Selectable

  • Push Button Digital Scaling and Offset -999 to 9999 Resolution

  • 0.02% Accuracy, 1-digit Repeatability

  • Alarm Option

  • Multi-Channel Option

  • Transmitter/Transducer Excitation Supply Option

  • Made in USA


Model 500G- User-Scalable Strain-Gage & Load Cell Indicator

  • 0-5mV/V and 0-50mV/V Selectable

  • Push Button Digital Scaling

  • -999 to 9999 Resolution

  • 0.02%Accuracy

  • Built-in 10VDC Excitation Supply

  • Alarm Option

  • Made in USA


Click for 500T Series Manual

The Model 500T is designed for a variety of temperature measuring applications. Excellent accuracy and small size combine to make it the ideal choice for most industrial temperature indications.

The 500T features a unique 0.1° or 1° automatic resolution. For temperature measurements below 1000°F, the instrument displays to a 0.1° resolution. With a measurement more than 1000°F, the instrument automatically switches to a 1° resolution. Thermocouple types R, S, and B only display in 1° increments. For any applications where a 1° resolution is desired for everything, the unit can be set to display only 1° increments throughout its measuring range.

For ease of installation, each instrument is supplied in a standard 1/8" DIN 1.9" x 3.8" (4.8cm x 9.6cm) plastic case and has rear-accessible universal screw terminals. Large LEDs make temperature readings easy to read. Power is derived from 115 or 230VAC. Power is selectable via an internal slide switch.

Select among nine temperature sensors of thermocouple types, J, K, T, E, R, S, and B or 100Omega; 3-wire, Platinum RTDs, either .00385 or .00392 alpha. Each of these nine are selected via a miniature rotary switch located directly behind the snap-off front lens. No calibration is required to switch between thermocouple types. Another miniature DIP switch, also behind the lens, selects between F or C display.
Order Model 500T-10 (set for 115VAC); 500T-20 (set for 230VAC).

Alarm Setpoint Option. The alarm option provides a single or dual limit setpoint that can be set to any point, + or -, within the 500T's measuring range. The user digitally selects the setpoint with two buttons located on the front panel.

Selection of Hi or Lo (single) alarm or Hi and Lo (dual) alarms is set via a jump-jack located in the option card. Once the setpoint is set, it may be reviewed for its actual value by pressing the View button. A front panel LED illuminates red (single alarm) or red/yellow (dual alarm) when the alarm trips.

The Alarm Setpoint option card also includes one Form C, 0.5A relay (single alarm) or two Form C, 0.5A relays (dual alarm) for hook-up to external lamps, buzzers, or on/off control elements. Relay terminals are accessible at the rear of the instrument and provide hook-up for Normally Open or Normally Closed operation.
Order Option -03 for single alarm and Option -04 for dual alarm.

Multiple Inputs Option. The cost of measuring multiple temperature sensors can be cut using the 500T's ability to switch between up to six sensor inputs with its multi-input option. All input types contained in the 500T (thermocouple or RTD) can be switched, but they must all be of the same type (e.g., type K thermocouple).

A miniature rotary switch, accessible at the front lens, allows convenient switching between inputs. Sensor hook-up is a snap-on/off terminal block located at the rear of the instrument.
Order Option -20.

Model 500T Accessories. The Rack Adapter Plate permits easy mounting of Model 500T Indicators in standard 19" (48.3cm) instrument racks. Four versions are available for mounting 1, 2, 3, or 4 indicators.

Order Accessories -RKS1 for 1 cutout; -RKS2 for 2 cutouts; -RKS3 for 3 cutouts; -RKS4 for 4 cutouts.


Model 500T General Specifications


      ±1 count

Stability with Temperature
      Zero:          1µV/°C
      Span:          0.01%

Thermocouple Reference Junction
      Internal, automatic, 0.03%°C/°C, 5° to 45°C

Break Detection     
      Upscale, =50nA;

Stability with Time     

Noise Rejection
      NMRR:     60dB @ 5./60Hz (±0.1Hz)
      CMRR:     120dB @ 50/60Hz (±0.1Hz with      
                      250Omega unbalance)

Overload Protection
      Power lead to ground: (1500VDC or VAC RMS)
      Across inputs, for 1 minute
      T/C up to 250VDC or VAC, V+ to V- 
      RTD up to 62VDC or VAC, V+ or I-

Input Impedance
      Thermocouple:     20MOmega, exclusive of 
                        break detect current effects
      RTD:              16.9kOmega (V+ input), I input;

RTD Lead Wire Error
      At 150µA excitation current
        40mOmega /Omega of equal resistance in V+ and      
        V- leads, 1Omega/Omega of inbalance in V+ or V- leads

Point  Update Rate
      2 per second nominal (1° readings)
      1 per second nominal (0.01° readings)

      4, 7-segment red/orange LED
      .56" (1.42cm) H
      Standard models come in red display
      Green display available upon request

Environmental Ranges
      Operating:      5°C to 45°C
      Storage:        -40°C to +65°C
      Humidity:       Omega80%RH non-condensing

Multi-input Option Accuracy
      Add ±0.5°C/±1°F to 
      instrument accuracy specification

Alarm Relay Contact Rating
      0.5A @ 120VAC (noninductive load) Form C

Case Construction
      One-piece, black plastic

      Secured to panel by U-channel 
      bracket supplied with indicator

Size (H x W x D)
      Case:               1.57" x 3.54" x 5.35" (1/8" DIN)
                             (4cm x  9cm x 13.6cm)
      Bezel:              1.89" x 3.78" (4.8cm x 9.6cm)
      Panel cutout:    1.77" x 3.62" (4.5cm x 9.2cm)

      1 lb. (454 g)

      115/230VAC (±10%), 50-60Hz, 400Hz

      1 year

Thermocouple Range Table


1° Resolution

0.1° Resolution

Sensor Type



Accuracy (±)*


Accuracy (±)*



-337° to +1403°F
-205° to +762°C

1°, ±0.03%
1°, ±0.03%

-99.9° to +999.9°F
-99.9° to +761.8°C




-331° to +2510°F
-202° to +1377°C

1°, ±0.03%
1°, ±0.03%

-99.9° to +999.9°F
-99.9° to +999.9°C




-346° to +755°F
-210° to +401°C

1°, ±0.03%
1°, ±0.03%

-99.9° to +754.6° F
-99.9° to +401.4°C




-338° to +1835°F
-205° to +1002°C

1°, ±0.03%
1°, ±0.03%

-99.9° to +999.9°F
-99.9° to +999.9°C


13%, Rhodium


+32° to +3216°F
0° to +1769°C

1°, ±0.05%
1°, ±0.05%



10%, Rhodium


+32° to +3218°F
0° to +1770°C

1°, ±0.05%
1°, ±0.05%



Platinum 30%,
Rhodium-Rhodium 6%,Rhodium


+601° to +3325°F
=316° to +1829°C

1°, ±0.05%
1°, ±0.05%



* Accuracy percentage of reading, ±1 digit.
**CHROMEL® and ALUMEL® are registered trademarks of the Hoskins Manufacturing Company.

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