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Product Code : YPM251

Manufacturer : YSI

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Starter Kits (reagents, instructions and accessories for 50 tests); View the spec sheet to determine parameter ranges of each test:

YPM188; Alkalinity, Total

YPM250; Alkalinity-Methol Orange

YPM251; Alkalinity-Phenolphthalein

YPM166; Aluminum

YPM152; Ammonia

YAT1707; Ammonia Conditioning Reagent, 50 tests

YPM060; Bromine

YPM252; Calcium Hardness

YPM268; Chlorine

YPM011; Chlorine DPD-Free

YPM031; Chlorine DPD-Free, Combined and Total

YPM021; Chlorine DPD-Free, Monochloramine & Dichloramine

YPM162; Chlorine HR (High Range)

YPM281; Chromium, Hexavalent

YAT283; Chromium, Trivalent & Total, supplement to YPM281

YPT804; Color Standard Kit

YPM186; Copper

YPM087; Cyanuric Acid

YPM179; Fluoride

YPM254; Hardness

YPM103; Hydrazine

YPM105; Hydrogen Peroxide HR (High Range)

YPM104; Hydrogen Peroxide LR (Low Range)

YPM156; Iron HR (High Range)

YPM155; Iron LR (Low Range)

YPM193; Magnesium

YPM173; Manganese

YPM175; Molybdate HR (High Range)

YPM258; Molybdate LR (Low Range)

YPM284; Nickel

YPM163; Nitrate (Nitratest)

YPM109; Nitrite-N (Nitracol)

YPM260; Nitrite-NaNO2 (Nitraphot)

YPM262; Organophosphonate

YPM056; Ozone

YPM130; pH (Phenol Red)

YPM287; Phenols

YPM114; Phosphate HR (High Range)

YPM177; Phosphate LR (Low Range)

YPT230; Photometer Color Standards - 1 color std., 1 blank

YPM189; Potassium

YPM181; Silica

YPM154; Sulfate

YPM168; Sulfide

YPM266; Sulfite

YPM269; Turbidity (Includes Color)

YPM148; Zinc


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