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Color Light Meter


Product Code : CAL-COLOR II

Manufacturer : Cooke

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cal-COLOR II Calibrated Precision Colormeter

The next generation in light and color measurement instrumentation
The ergonomically designed cal-COLOR II provides accurate and sensitive measurements of
illuminance, correlated color temperature (CCT) and chromaticity coordinates (x,y) of a wide
variety of light sources and display areas – all in a compact, portable, easy-to-use meter.
The cal-COLOR II uses special filtered Si-PIN photodiodes to achieve true tristimulus detection
over a wide range of light dynamics and color measurement ranges. Special attention to the blue
spectral range achieves improved accuracy measurements of high color temperature lights such as
solid state lighting (SSL) and high brightness LED’s.

From illuminance values for indoor and outdoor lighting, to readings of color temperature for
projectors and displays, to determining the performance of LED’s, the cal-COLOR II provides the

Are you …
• A Light manufacturer • An Interior Designer
• A Lighting Specifier • A Facility Manager
• An Architect • A Contractor or Developer
• Measuring LED’s • Manufacturing Color displays

Do you need …
• A cost-effective • To Measure High Color hand-held colormeter
Temperature Sources
• Enhanced Accuracy • Enhanced Sensitivity

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