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Bacharach Odorometer - Portable Odorant Level Indicator


Price starts at $3,853.00

Product Code : 5110-0200

Manufacturer : Bacharach

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Portable Odorant Level Indicator

For use in the manufacture, transmission, storage and distribution of gas. A must for gas utilities.

The Odorometer is a safeguard against explosion and the danger of people being overcome by gas. It insures that the odorant level is sufficient to enable the gas to be detected by its distinctive smell (as specified in Department of Transportation Regulation 192.625). The smell does not necessarily indicate the degree of flammability, but it does warn of the presence of gas. The instrument provides a means for conveniently verifying the odor intensity of
a gas stream at any point in gas transmission and distribution lines.

Automatic motor speed control
Reduced operator adjustments provide a constant reference air flow
ON/OFF switch with high visibility LED indicates working status and battery life

Condensed Specifications
Gases Detected and Range: Gas Odorant 0.04% to 1.2%
Power Source: 5 D Alkaline batteries (approx. 200 hours of operation) Odorometer
Gas Pressure: 2 to 5 psig maximum
Gas Connection: Plastic (tygon) or aluminum tubing (included)

Part Number:
Description: Odorometer, standard range with 6 foot inlet hose.

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