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pH Analyzer


Price starts at $1,550.00

Product Code : FX-421

Manufacturer : Foxcroft

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FX- 421 pH Analyzer

Standard Package Includes:

• LCD Display
Isolated 4-20mA Output
High - Low Alarms
Auxiliary Relays 5A, SPDT @ 110 VAC
Auto-buffer Recognition System
Self Diagnostics
Pulse Frequency Output or 4-20mA Output For Metering Pumps
Call Progess Detects busy signal or no answer
NEMA 4X Enclosure
Solid State pH Sensor 3/4 inch NPT insertion
110/ 220 VAC Power
Standard pH Sensor Cable Length 20 Feet
One Instruction Book


The Foxcroft FX-421 pH Analyzer’s unique design and microelectronic technology provides savings during
installation, start-up, and operation to a degree unequalled in today’s market. The solid state pH
sensor’s proven performance is unmatched. It is nonglass, rugged and less likely to break compared to
standard glass electrodes. The solid state electrode is faster to respond, allowing tighter control and stability,
requiring less frequent calibration. Overall, it performs better than any other electrode in its class. All
Calibrations are carried out at the measurement site. There is no need to run back and forth between the
sensor and the receiver. The electronics provide a 4- 20mA output signal as well as a high and low relay. All
are sealed in a plastic, weatherproof, corrosion-resistant


• Solid State pH Electrode - Fast Response
• Non-glass, Less Breakage - Rugged
• Local Display and Keypad - Quick Setup and Calibration
• Auto Buffer Calibration
• 4-20mA Output
• Auxiliary Relay Alarms - High and Low
• Corrosion Resistant Housings
• Remote Monitor Can Be Located Up to 2000 ft. Away
• Submersible Sensor Available
• Integral Mount Design
• Small, Compact


  • Display Process Variable pH: 0-14 pH

  • Displayed Temperature Range -10o C to +110oC (14o F to 230o F)

  • Display Accuracy pH: +/-0.02 pH

  • Process Temperature -10o C to +110oC (14o F to 230o F)

  • Solid State Sensor Survivable

  • Temperature Range -10o C to +130oC (14o F to 266o F)

  • Electronics Module Ambient

  • Temperature -20o C to +85oC (-4o F to 185o F)

  • Output Type 4-20mA, 600 maximum

  • Output Scale 0-14 pH

  • Remote Mounting Sensor

  • (optional) Submersible to 20 feet

  • Sensor Distance 25 ft. std (option up to 2000 ft)

  • Auxiliary Relays Contacts High Alarm - SPDT 10A @125VAC

  • non-latching

  • Low Alarm - SPDT 10A @125VAC

  • non-latching

  • Configurable Relays Relay 1 - SPDT 10A @ 125VAC

  • Relay 2 - SPDT 10A @ 125VAC

  • Local Display and Buttons LCD 4-digit, 7-segment

  • Remote Display LED 3-digit

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