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Chlorine Analyzer


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Product Code : FX-1000P1-TC

Manufacturer : Foxcroft

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Amperometric Chlorine Residual Analyzer, 110Vac 60 Hz 0-5 Ppm Standard Range, With Second Ki Buffer Pump
Total Chlorine, 3-Digit Display

FX-1000P1-TC measures total chlorine with the second buffer solution feed pump. It offers several advantages:

  • Longer effectiveness of potassium iodide (KI) that is needed to measure total chlorine. KI added to the vinegar pH buffer degrades and will remain effective up to 7 days. By mixing the KI with distilled water and feeding it separately from the acidic pH buffer, it can remain effective for months with no degradation (other than that caused by heat and light exposure).
  • More reliable chlorine residual meaurements due to a more stable KI solution.
  • Mixing KI with distilled water allows high range chlorine residual measurements of 20 ppm and higher. The higher concentration of KI needed to measure high chlorine residuals degrades faster than lower concentrations.
Labor can be reduced by pumping the solution and the vinegar from larger containers. The buffer feed rate using the standard #14 size buffer feed tubing is 4.3 days per gallon. Pumping from a 5-gallon container allows the analyzer to run unattended for over 20 days. A customer using the smaller diameter #13 tubing can extend the solution changeover from every 13 days for one gallon to 65 days for 5 gallons.
• True amperometric test method
• Measures free or total chlorine residuals
• Applications include fresh water, wastewater, and food processing
• Simple to calibrate and operate
• Uses inexpensive, non-toxic, food-grade vinegar for pH buffering
• Continuous, isolated, 4-20 milliamp output signal, suitable for control or monitoring applications
• Built-in high and low alarm relays
• Field-adjustable range
• High range capabilities to 100 ppm without dilution


The Foxcroft FX-1000p Chlorine Residual Analyzer utilizes the most accurate test method to determine chlorine residual levels in process waters, similar to that used in lab environment titrator test methods. This makes it an excellent choice for chlorine control or monitoring applications. Residual readings are instantaneous and do not rely on "sample and hold" methods. This minimizes any delay in readings for control applications. The continuous 4-20 milliamp output signal can be used to drive chlorine residual control systems and/or chart recorders, data loggers or SCADA systems. The alarm outputs can alert plant operators to an out-of-range chlorine residual, or trigger an autodialer in remote or off-hour situations.

The measuring cell design incorporates several features to ensure accurate readings, such as; high-grade gold and copper electrodes, fixed sample and buffer feed rates, and continuous cell mixing and cleaning. Solid-state analog electronics provide stable, drift-free, residual readings and output signal. Electronic isolation eliminates problems from "gound-loop" and ensures operator safety.

The analyzer is designed to be relatively maintenance-free, other than adding vinegar when it runs out. The use of vinegar as a pH buffer is simple, effective, economical, and environmentally friendly. Converting the analyzer to read total chlorine, is as simple as adding Potassium Iodide to the vinegar buffer.

Standard Package Includes:

Wall Mount
4-20mA Isolated Output, 600 ohms
High and Low Alarms
LED Digital Readout
Display PPM or Mg/L

Alarm Settings

Standard Calibration Range (see chart page 10)
NEMA 4X Enclosure

Electronics Only

Buffer Feed Rate #14 tubing - (4.5 days buffer supply use) Tubing installed, #13 Tubing - (12.5 days
buffer supply use) Buffer bottle wall bracket
Sample Tubing 1/4” ID x 3/8” OD flexible PVC tubing. 3 feet long.
Discharge Tubing 2 - 5/8” ID x 3/4” OD flexible PVC tubing Each piece 3 feet long.
110 VAC Power Standard
Wall Mounting Feet
One Instruction Book
Total or Free Chlorine Residuals When measuring total chlorine recommend using option 9 or 10 on page 7 to Feed Potassium Iodide solution.

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