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Tru Pointe® Ultra HD Leak Detector Kit


Price starts at $425.00

Product Code : 28-8001

Manufacturer : Bacharach

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Bacharach’s Tru Pointe® Ultra is a compact ultrasonic leak detector that uses patented technology to detect leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The Tru Pointe Ultra is the world’s first pocket-size electronic instrument that can simultaneously detect the vacuum and high pressure leaks that occur in HVAC/R systems. The Tru Pointe Ultra guides the user to a leak by quantifying the intensity of the ultrasound and converting it to a sound the user can hear easily through headphones.

Since the Tru Pointe® Ultra detects airborne ultrasound and is not a particular to gaschemistry it can detect all types of gases including nitrogen and refrigerants rushing in asystem under vacuum. An electronic conversion process called heterodyning translates this ultrasound into true audible sound that helps the user distinguish leaks through headphones.

Available with compact, folding headset (Tru Pointe® Ultra) or a high quality stereo headphones (Tru Pointe Ultra® HD), the Tru Pointe® Ultra leak detectors are indispensable tools that save time and money for every HVAC/R technician and contractor.


Features & Benefits

  • Not affected by wind or the presence of other gases or high concentrations.
  • Ten-segment LED Bar Graph shows signal strength.
  • On-the-fly Sensitivity Adjustment aids in locating leaks quickly.
  • True sound reproduction ensures fast recognition of leaks.
  • Comes complete in a carrying case with folding headset or stereo headphones.
  • Complete your kit with optional SoundBlaster® sound generator.


Dimensions 5.5” (14cm) X 2.4" (61mm) X .875" (22.22mm)
Weight 0.3lb (138gr) Includes Battery
Body Materials Durable ABS
Auto Connector 3.5mm Stereo
Airborne Sensor Sensitivity -80db/V-µbar
Detection Performance 1.5oz/yr Refrigerant
Ultrasound Converter Type Heterodyne
Frequency Response, AirBorne 36kHz to 42kHz
Heterodyne Oscillator Analog
Heterodyne Filter 4kHz
Controls 1 Button
Sensitivity Control Continually Variable Slide
Output, Audio 0Hz to 4kHz
Output, Visual 10 Element Bar Graph
Battery Type 9 Volt
Run Time 80-120hrs

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
28-8000 Tru Pointe® Ultra Ultrasonic Leak Detector Kit w/folding headset
28-8010 Tru Pointe® Ultra Ultrasonic Leak Detector Kit w/folding headset and SoundBlaster
28-8001 Tru Pointe® Ultra Ultrasonic Leak Detector Kit w/stereo headphones
28-8011 Tru Pointe® Ultra Ultrasonic Leak Detector Kit w/stereo headphones and SoundBlaster
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