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Physical therapy testing kit, 100 lb capacity, USB data output


Price starts at $1,175.00

Product Code : FGV-PT100

Manufacturer : Shimpo

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PT Kits
Ergonomic Physical Therapy Kits

For Muscle Strength and Ergonomic Force Testing, the Shimpo PT kits have just the right ingredients for the professional Physical Therapist or Ergonomist.

Lightweight, rugged and attractive, these kits are great for Isokinetic testing and job task analysis. Available in two basic models, these PT gauges with ergonomically crafted mechanical and digital designs are easy to operate. In addition, digital units (FGV-PT series kits) are equipped with free Toriemon Software for Force data collection.

Ideal for A.D.A. Compliance, workplace design and ergonomic studies. PT kits come complete with either Mechanical or Digital force gauges, for displaying peak compression, tension and real time forces.

These handsome padded kits are equipped with padded ERGO accessories, adapters and N.I.S.T. traceable certificates of calibration.

MF (MF-PT100 / MF-PT50KG)
Features Benefits

Large dial indicator in 0-100 LBS or 0-50 KG LBS or 0-50 KG

Simple to read and interpret, shows full range of force loads during test
Peak hold switch Retains the peak loads/forces in any pull or push test
No Batteries required No need change or recharge batteries, ready use right out of the case
All metal construction Rugged, reliable trouble free operation
Ergonomically designed Fits the hand, easy to hold "cola bottle" shape, reduces user fatigue
Extra hand grip provided Provides for a more secure "hand held" instrument when two hands are needed
Full featured KITS Nothing else needed for PT or Ergo tests



DART (FGE-PT100 / FGV-PT100) {0-100 lb, 50kg, 500N}
JAVELIN (FGE-PT200 / FGV-PT200, & FGE-PT500 / FGV-PT500)
{0-200 lb, 100kg, 1000N} & {0-500 lb, 250kg, 2500N}
Features Benefits

Large, LCD display

Easy to read digital display
Peak hold User selectable for tension and compression (push and pull)
Reversible Display and keypad Display and controls always read "right side up"
FREE Calibration certificate Pre-calibrated. Meets insurance and ISO requirements. Turn it on and go!
Ergonomically designed Fits either left or right hand. Shaped finger holds reduce fatigue
All metal construction Rugged, reliable trouble free operation
Variable units of measure Lbs, Kg or N load ranges; switchable during and after tests, converts readings to N, Kg, or lbs
Fast update rate 1000Hz internal sampling rate captures all sudden increases in force
Flexible power operation Battery operation (internal rechargeable battery) or AC line voltage operation. Battery recharges during AC operation
Full featured KITS Nothing else needed for PT or Ergo tests
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