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IRD ELF milliGaussmeter Kit


Price starts at $1,495.00

Product Code : IDR-210

Manufacturer : Integrity Design Research

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Download or View this product's / series details and specifications Specifications (PDF)

IDR-210: ELF Gaussmeter w/Probe

IDR-211: Isotropic Replacement Probe

IDR-125: Hard Case

IDR-203: (12, 5, -12) V DC Adaptor


Unique product

Frequency indicator for each channel

Isotropic sensor / switchable to single axis mode

Portable and easy to use

9V Alkaline Battery included

True RMS measurement with peak hold

Analog Output for X, Y & Z Axis waveform

Two years parts & labor warranty

16 character × 2 line display

Optional 9V DC adaptor provided

3 % error guarantee

Frequency Response (BW): 20-4000 Hz

Auto or manual ranging with auditory alarm

Data logging with storage for 32,000 data points

Record data of all channels w/ RS-232 communication port

Made in the U.S.A

Resolution @ Scales: 200 mG: 0.2 mG, 2000 mG: 2 mG

Typical applications:

Computer monitors, television sets & electronic equipments

AC Power lines

Induction heaters, industrial, scientific & medical equipments

Household appliances & all types of electrical equipments

Range settings: 200, 2000 milligauss

Bandwidth: 20-4000 Hz

Case Material: High Impact Styrene

Dimensions: 7"×4"×3"

Power Consumption: 400mW

Weight: 1 lb (453.6 grams)

Sensor Probe: Three Axis X, Y, Z air coil

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