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Atago 2350 R-5000 Handheld Refractometer


Product Code : AT2350

Manufacturer : Atago

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Atago 2350 R-5000 Handheld Refractometer.
Refractive Index(nD) 1.333 - 1.520
(minimum scale 0.001)
Attached Measurement Temperature Thermometer 5 - 40°C (41-104°F).
The R-5000 can be used for quick and easy measurement of a wide range of refractive index applications: crude vegetable oils, edible vegetable oils, industrial use vegetable oils, crude oils, light oils, lubricating oils, etc.
Includes: protective storage case and Owner's Manual.

This model is used for measuring the refractive index of samples.
Sample types include: Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Glycerin, Chemicals, Vegetable oils and fats, Edible oil, Animal oils and fats, etc.

Size and weight: 4 x 4 x 20cm, 600g

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