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AccuPro Calibrator


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Product Code : DPG-700

Manufacturer : Rochester Instrument Systems

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Product Discontinuation due to low volumes or obsolescence of key components. • DPG-700 Pressure Calibrator Check out the New Fluke721 for Replacement option.

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Ordering Information

Model             Description

DPG-700       Precision Digital Pressure Gauge

Code        Pressure Range

15           -10 to +15 PSIG

30           -10 to + 30 PSIG

100          -10 to + 100 PSIG

Code    AC Power Adaptor

117      117 V AC adapter

230      230 V AC adapter

NA       Not required

Code      Pressure Vacuum Pump

P          Precision pressure / vacuum hand pump

NP         Not required

Code     Quick Connect Kit

C         Quick connect tubing and fittings kit

NC       Not required

DPG-700         30            230         P           NC    Ordering Example


DPG-700 precision digital pressure gauge, measuring pressures in the range -10 to +30 PSIG, with 230 VAC power adapter and precision hand pump.



DPG-700 digital pressure gauges are hand-held calibrators that simultaneously display and measure pressure, vacuum and DC milliamp industrial process signals. They are battery powered and housed in rugged cases with membrance keypads to resist industrial environments.

The DPG-700 has a large, easy to read, 5 digital LCD display for pressure and current measurement. The sealed membrance switches allow easy selection of multiple engineering units and process reference zero. The DPG-700 is powered by five C cell batteries which allow for more than 8 of hours continuous operation. Pressure connections are made via a 1/4" quick connect fitting on the bottom of the unit.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact hand-held design -- easy to use in the field
  • Simultaneous display and measurement of pressure and transmitter current output
  • Battery Powered--uses off the shelf C cell batteries
  • Calibration performed from front panel--no potentiometers or need to open up unit

Standard items included are:

• Digital Pressure Gauge DPG-700
• Certificate of calibration and NIST
• Carrying case (DPG-712) • 1 set of test leads (DPG-713)
• Instruction manual


DPG-720A: Pressure/Vacuum Pump Precision hand pump with multi-turn vernier adjustment for calibration.
1074 - 746 Quick Connect Kit

720A Pump Kit

Zero Key:

The Zero Key allows the selection of your reference pressure. If a suppressed or elevated zero reference is required, the pressure on the system should be brought to the required level, then the zero key depressed. This will reset the display to 0, and is the reference point for further measurements.

Optional Pump Use:

The DPG-720A pump is capable of pressure or vacuum operation (both in one unit). It can be connected to the DPG via the pressure port. The pump can be


PG-711: 230 VAC adapter
DPG-720A: Pressure/Vacuum Pump
Precision hand pump with multiturn
vernier adjustment for calibration.
1074 - 746 Quick Connect Kit

Temperature Range:

  • Operation: 0° to +50° C

  • Storage: -20° to +60°C

Temperature Effect: 0.01%/°C span

Pressure Port:
Quick connect style fitting for 1/4" i.d. tubing with mating adapter.

Size: 63.5 x 144.8 x 208.3mm (2.5 x 5.7 x 8.2 inches)
Weight: 1 lb. 14 oz. (0.85 kg)

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