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Chart Recorder Dual Process Current Recorder


Price starts at $795.00

Product Code : CTXL-DPR-W-I

Manufacturer : Newport Electronics

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The CTXL-TRH is a Current Input chart recorder The CTXL has a dual backlit LCD that displays two inputs in real-time.
Microprocessor Based Portable Universal Circular Chart SUPERECORDER™
CTXL Series
Available in Computer Room White or Charcoal Gray
Ranges of -17 to 49°C (2 to 120°F) and 2 to 98% RH (CTXL-TRH)
Powers from 4 "D" Cell Batteries or a Universal AC Adaptor
203 mm (8") Chart for 1, 7, or 32-Day Recording
Large, Bright, Dual, Backlit Display
Monitors Min., Max., Average Values
Benchtop or Wall Mount with Built-in Chart Lights
Versatile Remote Temperature/Humidity Sensor Probe up to 12.2 m (40')
Patented Double-Sided Chart Paper and Magnetic Hub
1-, 2-, 3-Year Extended Warranties Come with Extra Pens, Paper, and Batteries


Retaining the legendary CT-485 design, the CTXL Series comprises state-of-the-art circular chart recorders, available in 3 models— CTXL-TRH, CTXL-DTC, and CTXL-DPR.

The CTXL-TRH is a temperature/ relative humidity chart recorder with a temperature range of -17 to 49ºC (2 to 120ºF) and a humidity range of 2 to 98%. The CTXL-DTC is a dual thermocouple input chart recorder that accepts J, K, or T type thermocouple probes. The CTXL-DPR is a dual-process input chart recorder that accepts 0 to 1 Vdc, 0 to 5 Vdc, 0 to 10 Vdc, 0 to 20 mA, and 4 to 20 mA inputs.

All models have dual-display backlit LCDs that show 2 inputs in real time. The charted data is stored in non-volatile memory and can be downloaded to a PC for printout. Functions include audiovisual alarms with built-in relay contacts; real-time clock; monitoring of the minimum, maximum, and average values; 1-, 7-, or 32-day recording; and chart rescaling.

CTXL Chart Recorder
CTXL Chart Recorder

The high and low alarm setpoints for the 2 channels are configurable through the front-panel keypad. There are 2 built-in relays for high alarms, and 2 additional voltage outputs power external mechanical relays for low-alarm conditions.

Patented features include doublesided chart paper and the magnetic hub. And the linear pen and chart drives make it easy to understand the charts. All models come with a stabilizing arm for benchtop operation and a decorative foot cover for wall-mount applications.

For greater security, a hidden key (white box) enables/disables access to the front keypad. This will prevent unauthorized users from changing the recorder settings.

Note : Temperature/humidity sensor probe not recommended for use in corrosive environments.

Temperature/Relative Humidity Model CTXL-TRH
-17 to 49ºC (2 to 120ºF)
Accuracy: ±1ºC (±1.8°F)
Display Resolution: 0.1º
Relative Humidity:
2 to 98% RH
Accuracy: ±3% RH (@ 15 to 90% RH)
Display Resolution: 1% RH
Distance for Remote Probe: 12.2 m (40') maximum
Display: Custom-made, 4-digit, dual LCD with backlight
Display Data Sampling Rate: Once per 2 seconds
Display Modes: Max, min, avg, T1 – T2
Display ºC _ _ºF Key: Switches between ºC and ºF
Display Clock: Displays the time and date for 3 seconds
Chart Speed: 1, 7, or 32 days
Chart Response Time: 0.5, 3.5, 16 min for 1, 7, and 32 days, respectively
Keypad Response: 350 ms
Chart Paper: 203 mm (8") circular, linear radial divisions, double sided
Chart Drive:
Stepper motor
Accuracy: 1% rotation
Chart Hold-Down: Magnetic hub
Pen Drive:
Stepper motor, linear screw drive
Deadband: 0.5°C or °F and 3% RH
Pen Lift: Automatic on door opening—pens are door mounted and swing clear of the chart when door opens
Configuration Modes:
High Alarm:
Channel-1 (temperature)
Low Alarm: Channel-1 (temperature)
High Alarm: Channel-2 (humidity)
Low Alarm: Channel-2 (humidity)
Clock: Time (military time)
Clock: Date
Clock Battery Backup: Holds clock information for 14 days when main power is removed
Audible Alarm: Piezoelectric beeper
Alarm Outputs: 2 separate relay contacts and 2 voltage outputs
Relay Contacts: 2 A @ 30 Vdc (high alarm)
Voltage Output: 100 mA to drive an external relay (low alarm)
Alarm Deadband:
0.3°C (0.5ºF)
Humidity: 2% RH
Operating Temperature: 0 to 49°C (32 to 120ºF)
Operating Relative Humidity: 2 to 98% RH
Power: 4 “D” alkaline batteries and DC adaptor (included)
Battery Life: 3 months under normal conditions
AC Adaptor: 100 to 240 Vac input, 9 Vdc @ 1.7 A output
Low-Battery Indicator: Icon on LCD
Serial PC Communications: RS232, 2-way, 9600 baud
Memory: 256K EEPROM (2.8 times worth of chart data)
Lock/Unlock (White Box) Key: Press and hold for 3 seconds to enable/disable. When in lock mode, all keys are inactive except for the power, light, mode, clock and lock/unlock keys.
Mounting: Keyhole slots for wall mounting; foot cover for benchtop use
Case: Rugged ABS plastic
Dimensions: 33.5 H x 27.1 W x 6.7 cm D (13 3/16 x 10 11/16 x 2 5/8")
Weight: Approx 3.2 kg (7 lb) with batteries

Dual Thermocouple Input Model CTXL-DTC
Display Range:
Type K:
-100 to 1000ºC (-148 to 1832ºF)
Type J: -100 to 700ºC (-148 to 1292ºF)
Type T: -100 to 300ºC (-148 to 572ºF)
Display Accuracy:
Type K:
± 2ºC ( ± 3.6°F)
Type J: ± 1.5ºC ( ± 2.7°F)
Type T: ± 1.5ºC ( ± 2.7°F)
Standard Chart Scale:
Type K:
-40 to 560ºC (-40 to 1040ºF)
Type J: -40 to 260ºC (-40 to 500ºF)
Type T: -40 to 149 ºC (-40 to 300ºF)
Input Connection: Universal connector
T/C Break Indication: Display will show “Prb Err”
Out-of-Range Input: Display will flash
Display Modes: Max, min, avg, T1 – T2

CTXL Chart Recorder
CTXL is available in Gray or White
Dual Process Input Model CTXL-DPR
Inputs: 0 to 1 V, 0 to 5 V, 0 to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 20 mA
Input Connection: Wire connection
Under or Over-Range Input: Display will flash
Standard Chart Scale: 0 to 100%
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