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Relative Humidity Recorder


Price starts at $2,510.00

Product Code : MRC7700

Manufacturer : Partlow

Relay Outputs:
SSR Diver Outputs:
4 to 20 mA Outputs:
Pen 1 Aux Input:
Pen 2 Aux Input:

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Quick Specs...
True wet bulb/dry bulb capability providing a precise environmental chamber relative humidity level.
Compensation for barometric pressure delivering relative humidity accuracy better than 1%.
Up to eight profiles (ramp/soak) offering environmental chamber control - powerful capability in one package.
Overview / Design Principle:

The MRC7700 Relative Humidity Recorder is a microprocessor based circular chart profile recorder capable of measuring, displaying, recording and controlling relative humidity and/or temperature using Dry Bulb and Wet Bulb temperatures from a variety of inputs. Record and control functions, alarm settings and other parameters are easily configured via the keys on the front cover and self-prompting displays. NEMA 3 protection and sealed door lock optional.

Features and Benefits:
  • Micro-based recording controller with relative humidity profile capability
  • Two displays—allowing you to see critical process values at the same time
  • Easy, straightforward programming—allows you to configure your recorder with a logical step-by-step process using a simple keypad
  • True time based profiling capability puts you in control of your process
  • Reliability—maintenance-free recording for years to come
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