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MTX 1052B-PC Oscilloscope


Price starts at $1,675.00

Product Code : 2150.1

Manufacturer : AEMC

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The MTX 1052-PC, MTX 1054-PC and MTX 162 are genuine oscilloscopes that attach to your PC. Compact, lightweight and stackable, these measurement instruments can be connected directly to a PC via a USB or Ethernet interface with PC software. New WiFi versions now allow wireless Ethernet communication.

Users benefit from all the PC's advantages in terms of storage capacity and display capabilities (minimum resolution 1024x768), allowing more precise analysis of the traces. The functions are directly accessible from the menus and the "Windows" toolbar, via keyboard shortcuts or by using the mouse. Users control the oscilloscope with the "instrument" control panel, which contains all the standard commands for oscilloscopes. Online help is also available.

Multi-windowing means you can simultaneously display the traces, zoom, the FFT analysis, the measurements, etc. In this way, users can choose among multiple combinations so you have all the useful information available at a glance.

The MTX 1052 & MTX 1054 are both equipped with the SPO (Smart Persistence Oscilloscope) display mode which combines the advantages of analog and digital displays.

You can use it to manage display and data acquisition simultaneously, making it possible to increase the acquisition rate up to several tens of thousands per second. With SPO, users can detect brief events, instabilities and untimely anomalies

Features: MTX 162

  • 2-channel/60MHz
  • Oscilloscope with FFT and recorder
  • Sampling rate 50MS/s in one-shot mode and 20GS/s in ETS mode
  • 8-bit A/D converter
Features: MTX 1052 & 1054
  • 2 & 4-channel models / 150MHz
  • Oscilloscope with FFT, harmonic analyzer and recorder
  • Sampling rate 200MS/s in one-shot mode and 100GS/s in ETS mode
  • 10-bit A/D converter
Features: MTX 162, 1052 & 1054
  • Detects 10ns transients
  • Vertical sensitivities of 250μV-100V/div (300V CAT II)
  • Advanced trigger modes and SPO (Smart Persistence Oscilloscope) analysis
  • PC advantages:
    - Large screen with high resolution and multi-windowing
    - Unlimited storage capacity
    - Windows environment (printing, standard files, etc.)
    - Local or remote Ethernet universal communication
    - PC operating software and LabWindows/LabView drivers

Applications: Models MTX 162, 1052 & 1054 Oscilloscopes
  • Laboratory applications in education
  • Research and development departments
  • Electronic design teams

Model MTX 162UE:         Cat.# 2150.14

Model MTX 162UEW:      Cat.# 2150.15

Model MTX 1052B-PC:    Cat.# 2150.10

Model MTX 1052BW-PC: Cat.# 2150.11

Model MTX 1054B-PC:    Cat.# 2150.12

Model MTX 1054BW-PC: Cat.# 2150.13

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