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Wallmount Temp Display and Command Module


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Product Code : Model 2000T

Manufacturer : Neurologic Research

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(Building Automation)
Model 2000T:   
Temperature Display and Command Module

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The Model 2000T is an indoor temperature sensor, display and user interface. It allows occupants of a temperature-controlled environment to interact with the HVAC equipment via the LonWorks communication protocol. Occupants can view room temperature, current temperature setting, outside air temperature, equipment operating status, and equipment alarms. Using the Model 2000T, the occupant can change the HVAC operating mode, the occupancy mode, as well as the temperature setpoint. For maximum compatibility the Model 2000T is implemented using the LonMark 8090 profile for Space Comfort Control Command Module. The Model 2000T has unique features to allow more accurate reporting of room temperature to the HVAC equipment. One, the on-board temperature sensor is located away from the electronics in a separate compartment. This allows a more accurate measurement of air temperature. Two, a temperature averaging function allows up to four temperature sensors to be averaged before the room temperature is reported. This is important for large rooms, office buildings, or homes where the location of a single thermostat does not provide a good representation of the average temperature. A feature of the Model 2000T allows the occupancy button to be used as an on/off switch to control other network attached devices.

Key Features

  • On-board temperature sensor.
  • Mounts on any standard single-gang wiring conduit box.
  • Compact, thin and stylish design. Only 2.8” W x 4.55” H x 0.79” D
  • Sensing element is isolated from electronics for more accurate air temperature measurement.
  • Implements LonMark 8090 Profile.
  • Open communication standard using LONWORKS® Protocol
  • All outputs available using Standard Network Variables (SNVT)
  • HVAC Mode Control and display
  • Temperature averaging using up to 4 network attached sensors.
  • Setpoint display and modification
  • Supports user lockout via network
  • Display of outdoor temperature
  • Occupancy status display and control
  • Auxiliary network switch output control to control network attached devices such as lights or exhaust fans.
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