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Network Humistat (No Lon Interface)


Price starts at $323.42

Product Code : Model 2500

Manufacturer : Neurologic Research

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Building Automation)
Model 2500:    Network Humistat



The Model 2500 Network Humistat is a standalone de-humidifier controller.  It contains a temperature sensor, humidity sensor, microprocessor, measurement electronics, and an optional network communication interface.  The external de-humidifier is controlled via an on-board relay.  The relay has a rating of 10 Amps at 110 or 220 VAC.

The temperature and humidity sensors are in a porous filter, away from the electronics.  This allows a more accurate measurement of air temperature and humidity for two reasons.  One, it isolates the sensors from temperature generated by the electronics.  Two, it provides excellent airflow around the sensors.

The sensor and configuration information is communicated to other devices via the LonWorks communication protocol.  This allows multiple sensors to be used over a simple four-wire bus installation.

Key Features

  • Compact, self-contained de-humidifier controller

  • 0.5 degrees C accuracy typical.  RH sensor is digitally calibrated for 2% accuracy

  • Open communication standard via  LonWorks Protocol.  All data available using Standard Network variable types

  • Can be used for humidity control as well as temperature and humidity monitoring via optional Network Interface Module or two analog voltage outputs

  • 110 VAC, 220 VAC 50/60 Hz., and low voltage AC/DC versions are available

  • On-board 110/220 VAC 10 Amp relay output with arc suppression and LED status indication

  • Mode switch allows testing of output relay function

  • Jumpers allow the humidity setpoint to be changed manually for standalone applications

  • Minimum Cycle Time, Maximum On-Time and Deadband configuration parameters protects the equipment and prevent fast on/off cycling

  • Configuration parameters can be accessed and modified via network

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