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Product Code : Model 65 Logic Block

Manufacturer : Neurologic Research

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Model 65:    Sensor Logic Block



The Model 65 allows logic functions to be performed on standard NPN type industrial sensors.  It contains four NPN sensor inputs and provides two NPN sensor outputs.  A wide variety of digital logic functions can be performed on the four inputs to generate the two outputs.  Logic functions such as AND, OR, EXCLUSIVE-OR can be performed.  The logic is performed using a flash Programmable Logic Device, PLD.  The supplied flash PLD can be erased and re-programmed.  The Model 65 is not a LonWorks device.

The Model 65 can be paired the Model 2200 Pulse Count Input Node to interface logical operations into a LonWorks Network.

Key Features

  •  Accepts four NPN sensor inputs and generates two NPN sensor outputs

  • Uses a standard Programmable Logic Device, PLD.  Can be programmed by the customer or customized per customer’s request

  • Local LEDs provide visual indications of all inputs and outputs as well as power

  • Available in NEMA 4 and DIN Rail mount enclosures

  • Distributes power to input NPN sensors to reduce external wiring.  Power is reverse voltage protected and individually fused

  • Electronics operate from a wide input voltage range of 12 to 32 VDC at 100 mA maximum

  • All connections are made via high-quality removable terminal blocks

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