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Revere HPSM stainless steel load cell


Price starts at $705.00

Product Code : HPSM-D3-60KG-20P5

Manufacturer : Revere Transducer

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Single point load cell. 0.03% nonlinearity, 390 input/ 350 ohms output, 10 ft 4 conductor cable, stainless steel construction for harsh environment.

Model number


3 mv/v (lb) version
HPS-D3-25-10P5  25 lb
HPS-D3-50-10P5 50 lb
HPS-D3-100-10P5 100 lb
2 mv/v (kg) version
HPS-D3-6KG-10P5 6 kg
HPS-D3-15KG-10P5 15 kg
Metric dimensions OIML R60 approved 3,000 div. 20ft 4 cond. cable
HPSM-D3-6KG-20P5 6 kg
HPSM-D3-12KG-20P5 12 kg
HPSM-D3-30KG-20P5 30 kg
HPSM-D3-60KG-20P5 60 kg


The HPS is a unique fully welded all stainless steel single point (moment insensitive) load cell.
This product is suitable for low capacity platform scales, multi-head packaging machines, check weighers, loss-in-weight feeders, belt scales and general process weighing applications.
The unique construction ensures that this product can be used successfully in harsh environments found in the food, chemical and allied industries.
This product meets the stringent Weights and Measures requirements throughout Europe.



• Fully welded, stainless steel construction
• Hermetically sealed, IP66 and IP68
• Certified to OIML R-60, 3000d
• ATEX certified versions are available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
• Comprehensive mounting hole facility
• Moment insensitive, platform size to 350 x 350mm
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