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LAN Cable Tester Plus


Price starts at $430.00

Product Code : mTDR-030

Manufacturer : NanoTronix

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LAN cable tester plus (Model No.: mTDR-030)
NanoTronix LAN Cable Tester Plus (Model No.: mTDR-030) is a combination unit that utilizes MTDR(Metallic Time-Domain Reflectometry) technology used in measuring cable distance and TCP/IP protocol analyzer for examining internal conditions of LAN communication lines.
To improve the efficiency on LAN cable management, LAN Cable TesterPlus also has a pairing check function used for pinpointing the ill connection of LAN connectors (open, short, reversed, crossed and splitted) and a tone probing function used for tracing cable in the walls, floors and ceilings.
LAN Cable Tester Plus is ideally suited for work on installation of networks and for ongoing maintenance and service to any type of paired (shielded or twisted) metallic cables such as category 5/6 UTP cables, Telephone lines, Coaxial cables and LAN systems. Its' all-in-one testing capabilities meets the needs of every cable contractors, installers and technicians at lowest cost.
LAN Cable Tester Plus is housed in a rugged ABS enclosure designed to deliver water-resistant performance and provides technicians with the added convenience of being hand-held. It is powered by four AA(NEDA 15A or LR6) batteries, which are stored in a compartment on its back.


         Adobe Reader
  - Low cost numeric LAN Cable Tester
- High Resolution and High Accuracy
   > Resolution: 5cm (2 in)
   > Accuracy: ±1% of reading ±10cm (4 in)
- TCP/IP protocol analysis
   > Service of the environment of static IP address or DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
   > Service of assigning MAC address by itself
- LAN cable fault detection for open, shorted, crossed, split and reversed pair
- Overload voltage protection: displays "OUCH" alert message with sound when line voltage exceeds
- Built-in tone generator for cable tracing & identification (910 to 1100 Hz with 5V peak
- Auto fitting function for the various cable measurement
- Extra-large backlit (icon type 7 segment) LCD
- Easy-to-use test modules
- 20 additional library memory spaces for new VOP settings
- Low power consumption with long battery life : 5,000 tests
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