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Installation Fittings


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Product Code : Signet Installation Fittings

Manufacturer : GF Signet

PVC fittings:
Metal Fittings:

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Download or View this product's / series details and specifications FittingsSpecifications (PDF)

Signet Fittings

Pipe Material PVC Material CPVC 80 PVDF (mm) Fiberglass Polypropylene (mm)
Pipe Size (Inches) Part # Part # Part # Part # Part #
0.5 PV8T005 CPV8T005 SFMT005 (15) N/A PPMT005 (15)
0.75 PV8T007 CPV8T007 SFMT007 (20) N/A PPMT007 (20)
1 PV8T010 CPV8T010 SFMT010 (25) N/A PPMT010 (25)
1.25 PV8T012 CPV8T012 SFMT012 (32) N/A PPMT012 (32)
1.5 PV8T015 CPV8T015 SFMT015 (40) FPT015 PPMT015 (40)
2 PV8T020/PV8S020 SEE IR8S020 SFMT020 (50) FPT020 PPMT020 (50)
2.5 PV8T025/PV8S025 SEE IR8S025 SFMT025* (65) N/A PPMT025* (65)
3 PV8T030/PV8S030 SEE IR8S030 SFMT030* (80) FPS030 PPMT030* (80)
4 PV8T040/PV8S040 SEE IR8S040 SFMT040 (100) FPS040 PPMT040* (100)
5 SEE IR8S040 SEE IR8S050 SFMT050* (125) N/A PPMT050* (125)
6 PV8S060 SEE IR8S060 SFMT060* (150) FPS060 PPMT060* (150)
8 PV8S080 SEE IR8S080 SFMT080* (200) FPS080 PPMT080* (200)
10 SEE IR8S100 SEE IR8S100 N/A FPS100 N/A
12 SEE IR8S120 SEE IR8S120 N/A FPS120 N/A

Pipe Material Stainless 316 Iron Carbon Steel Copper/Bronze Metalex
Pipe Size (Inches) Part # Part # Part # Part # Part #
0.5 CR4T005 N/A CS4T005 CUKT005 P526-2005
0.75 CR4T007 N/A CS4T007 CUKT007 P526-2007
1 CR4T010 IR4T010 CS4T010 CUKT010/BR4T012 P526-2010
1.25 CR4T012 IR4T012 CS4T012 CUKT012/BR4T012 P526-2012
1.5 CR4T015 IR4T015 CS4T015 CUKT015/BR4T015 P526-2015
2 CR4T020 IR4T020/IR8S020 CS4T020 CUKT020/BR4T020 P526-2020/P526-1020
2.5 CR4W025 IR8S025 CS4W025 BR4B025 P526-2025/P526-1025
3 CR4W030 IR8S030 CS4W030 BR4B030 P526-2030/P526-1030
4 CR4W040 IR8S040 CS4W040 BR4B040 P526-2040/P526-1040
5 CR4W050 IR8S050 CS4W050 BR4B050 P526-2050/P526-1050
6 CR4W060 IR8S060 CS4W060 BR4B060 P526-2060/P526-1060
8 CR4W080 IR8S080 CS4W080 BR4B080 P526-2080/P526-1080
10 CR4W100 IR8S100 CS4W100 BR4B100 P526-2100/P526-1100
12 CR4W120 IR8S120 CS4W120 BR4B120 P526-2120/P526-1120

Fitting Styles

T= "TEE" PVC, CPVC and fiberglass have slip ends, PVDF (metric) has socket ends; copper (for copper and brass tubing) has "sweat-on" ends; iron, brass, carbon steel, and stainless steel have threaded ends.
S=Saddle "Cement-on" for PVC, CPVC and fiberglass; "double strap-on" for iron; Specify wall thickness and O.D. for fiberglass; and pipe schedule for PVC or iron.
W=Weldolet Weld to existing pipe; please specify pipe schedule.
B=Brazolet Braze to existing pipe; please specify pipe schedule.

Metalex Fitting Styles

P526-1=Saddle "Double strap-on."
P526-2=Mini-Tap "Weld-on."
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