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Prime Alert Biodetection System


Price starts at $9,450.00

Product Code : 096-3130 Prime Alert

Manufacturer : Scott Instruments

Models Available:

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Prime Alert Information Sheet
Biohazard Response Protocol
White Paper–Biological Threats

are you ready?

Prime Alert's easy-to-carry kit comes with everything needed to quickly and accurately screen for all CDC identified bacterial agents of concern.


Biological threats are here to stay. First Responders, military branches and corporations across the nation are taking action to calm fear and reduce economic impact.

What good is a powder test that detects only a few dangerous agents? Negative results only leave you with more questions and put your community at risk.

Prime Alert is the only field-proven solution that screens for ALL CDC identified bacterial agents of concern, and tests for toxins in the time it takes to perform one anthrax test.

Features and Benefits:

  • Testing with Prime Alert is fast and extremely accurate, which reduces personnel time spent in a potentially hazardous location.
  • Prime Alert brings closure and peace-of-mind in "false alarm" situations.
  • Fast, easy,and accurate testing limits the disruption of productivity in your facility.
  • More costly testing and personnel time can be utilized for genuine threats.
  • Comprehensive training material included.
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