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GL1100 Data Platform


Price starts at $3,700.00

Product Code : GL1100

Manufacturer : Graphtec

Models Available:

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GL1100 Data Platform

The GL1100 picks up where the GL1000 leaves off... building on this unique portable platform and extending the sample rate from 1 MS/s to 40 MS/s maximum, on all 8 to 16 channels simultaneously!

Available in 8 or 16 channel basic models, with or without a graphical TFT display, and chart recorder for hard copy recording.


Main Features

  • Available with 8 or 16 channels
  • Ethernet and USB interfaces
  • Up to 40 MS/s sampling rate on all channels
  • Accepts 2 channel plug-in signal conditioning modules
  • 2 MS internal memory as standard
  • Windows control software included (Windows2000 or XP OS required)

Optional Extras

  • GL11-HSV AMP for high speed voltage measurement
  • GL11-M AMP for voltage and temperature measurement
  • GL11-DCB AMP for strain measurement
  • B-534 8.4" TFT display
  • B-506 Monitor Cable set
  • B-505 12VDC power modification
  • B-535 Chart printer 100mm wide


Main Unit Specifications




Analog input

8 Channels (4 slots)

16 Channels (8 slots)

Logic input

8 Channels

16 Channels

Internal Storage device

Memory: 2Mword/channel

HDD: 40 Gbyte

Memory: 2Mword.channel

HDD: 40 Gbyte

PC interface

PCMCIA slot (type II), LAN (Ethernet), USB

PCMCIA slot (type II), LAN (Ethernet), USB

Operating environment

0 to 40 C, 30 to 80%RH

(5 to 35 C when using the printer and HDD)

0 to 40 C, 30 to 80%RH

(5to 35 C when using the printer and HDD)

Rated power supply

AC adapter (100V to 240V AC)

12V (10V to 16V) DC drive: Option

Ac adapter (100V to 240V AC)

12V (10V to 16V) DC drive: Option

Power consumption

Approx. 90VA max.

Approx. 135 VA max.

External Dimensions

300 x 222 x 57mm

300 x 222 x 114


2.4kg (including 4 amplifiers)

4.2kg (including 8 amplifiers)



Logic input: Standard funtion

Voltage/Temp amp: GL11-MAMP

No. of channels


Input volt range

0V to 25V

Threshold level

TTL (+1.4V), CMOS (+2.5V), Contact (+5V)

Max. Sampling rate

25 ns

No. of channels



Voltage: 20mV to 500V/F.S Temperature: K,J,T,R,E,B

Max. Sampling rate

10 S (a/d:16 bit)

Input terminal

Banana connector



Dc strain amp: GL11-DCBAMP

High-speed Voltage amp: GL11-HSVAMP


1000 to 20000 x 10 strain/F.S

Frequency range

DC to 20 kHz

Max. Sampling rate

10 s (A/D:16 bit)

Input terminal

NDIS strain input


200mV to 200V/F.S

Max. Sampling rate

25 ns (A/D:12 bit)

Input terminal

BNC connector                   


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