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Product Code : 3930

Manufacturer : Atago

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DD-7 Digital Differential Refractometer Cat No 3920

The DD-7 is a new concentration meter which measures low concentration water solutions up to 2 percent at high precision(+/-0.005%). The range of measurement is narrow, but it can be used to measure high concentrations by preparing relevant reference solutions.
Note: High viscous samples may not be suitable for measurement.

Measurement range : 0.000 to 2.000% in
concentration(for sucrose)
It is possible to measure
samples with refractive
index up to 1.50(nD) by
reference solution(sample
must be low in viscosity).
Minimum scale : 0.001%
Measurement accuracy : +/-0.005% (for sucrose solution)
Output terminal : 2 seconds
Size and weight : 36x35x14cm, 5.8kg
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