FLIR DM166 Thermal Imaging TRMS Multimeter with IGM™

FLIR DM166 Thermal Imaging TRMS Multimeter with IGM™


This TRMS digital multimeter is the most affordable multimeter to feature a 80 x 60 thermal resolution for Infrared Guided Measurements (IGM). Ideal for commercial electricians, automation, and HVAC technicians, it boasts a broad variation of test functions, and has the flexibility for use in both high and low-voltage applications.

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FLIR DM166 Offers

Troubleshoot Faster

One tool gets the job done.

  • Quickly scan for overheating components with IGM
  • Diagnose faults with broad DMM test functions
  • Troubleshoot easier with the unique combination of onboard thermal imaging and traditional DMM test functions

Work Safer

Identify energized and potentially faulty equipment from a safe distance.

  • Safely check for live connections using non-contact temperature measurement
  • Carefully measure voltage with integrated non-contact voltage detection
  • Work with peace of mind knowing your meter has a CAT III-600V, CAT IV-300V safety rating

Diagnose Problems More Efficiently

Rich feature set covers both high-voltage and low-voltage applications.

  • Reliably take 600V AC/DC voltage measurements and 10A AC/DC current measurements
  • Remove high-frequency noise that affects readings with the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) measurement function
  • Precisely measure resistance up to 60MΩ, frequency up to 50KHz, and capacitance up to 10,000μF


The ideal tool for troubleshooting and diagnosing complex issues in both high-voltage and low-voltage applications.


FLIR DM166 Specifications

IR Resolution80 x 60 pixels (4,800 pixels)
Temperature Sensitivity≤150mK
Temperature Accuracy3°C or 3%
Temperature Range14 to 302°F (-10 to 150°C)
Field of View50.0° x 38°
Thermal Imaging PaletteIron, Rainbow, Grayscale
Continuity Check30Ω and 480Ω
Electrical Specifications
AC/DC VoltsRange: 600.0V
Accuracy: ±0.7%/0.5%
AC/DC mVoltsRange: 600.0mV
Accuracy: ±1%/0.3%
AC/DC AmpsRange: 10.00A
Accuracy: ±1.0%/0.7%
AC/DC mAmpsRange: 600.0mA
 Accuracy: ±1.0%/0.7%

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Weight1 lbs

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