FLIR DM64 HVAC TRMS Digital Multimeter with Temperature

FLIR DM64 HVAC TRMS Digital Multimeter with Temperature


This multimeter is ideal for HVAC professionals providing an unmatched feature set and high-quality measurements. The DM64 can test flame sensors with the onboard microamps feature, and can precisely identify live wires via probe-content voltage detection.

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FLIR DM64 Offers

Everything You Need in One Tool

Rich feature set is ideal for HVAC professionals.

  • Diagnose complex systems with high and low voltage measurement capabilities
  • Assess temperatures up to 400°C (752°F) with Type-K thermocouple
  • Test flame sensors with microamps feature
  • Readily and precisely identify live wires with probe-contact voltage detection

Fast & Efficient Inspections

Designed to make your job easier.

  • Work quickly and comfortably thanks to user-friendly design, intuitive interface, and enhanced ergonomics
  • Easily identify deviations from normal conditions by comparing new readings to stored data
  • Navigate the meter’s on-screen menu system easily

Tough, Stable & High Quality

This all-in-one tool is built to last.

  • Swap batteries easily from the “no-tool” battery compartment
  • Durable and drop-tested, with an IP40 ingress protection rating
  • Safety rated to CAT IV-300V, CAT III-600V
  • Rely on the protection of FLIR’s Limited Lifetime warranty


Ideal for HVAC Technicians.


FLIR DM64 Specifications

Continuity Check30Ω and 480Ω
Measuring Rate5 samples per second
Safety Category RatingCAT IV-300V, CAT III-600V
IP RatingIP40
Electrical Specifications
Temperature, Type-KRange: -40.0 to 752.0°F / -40.0 to 400.0°C Accuracy: ±1.0% + 2°F / ±1.0% + 1°C
AC/DC VoltsRange: 600.0V
Accuracy: ±1.0%/0.4%
AC/DC mVoltsRange: 600.0mV
Accuracy: ±1%/0.4%
AC/DC AmpsRange: 10.00A
Accuracy: ±1.5%/1.0%
AC/DC mAmpsRange: 600.0mA
Accuracy: ±1.0%/0.7%

Additional information

Weight1 lbs

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