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Fluke 1622A-H-156 DewK Thermo-Hygrometer Wireless Kit, high accuracy | OMNICONTROLS

Fluke 1622A-H-156 DewK Thermo-Hygrometer Wireless Kit, high accuracy

This product has been discontinued.


  • Inputs for two sensors, each measuring both temperature and humidity
  • Both sensors can be run via extension cables to remote locations or one sensor can be mounted directly to the top
  • Sensors can be used interchangeably
  • Two types of sensors are available: high accuracy and standard accuracy
  • On-board memory holds up to 400,000 date and time-stamped data points
  • User programmable audible and visual alarms for numerous fault conditions
  • Equipped with a 0 to 12V alarm output that can trigger a process control system
  • Up to 16 different display setups can be stored and recalled at the touch of a single button
  • Optional software logs in real-time or shows graphical/statistical data
  • Built-in Ethernet RJ45 jack allows multiple units to be monitored from the same screen and gives you the possibility for remote connectivity over the internet
  • Send data to a printer through the RS232 output in real time
  • RF wireless option available
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