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Shimpo Force Gauge, Digital Stroboscope & Tachometer

Find Shimpo Force Gauge, Digital Stroboscope, Tachometer & More

Shimpo Instruments' has accurate measuring equipment that includes force gauges, tachometers, stroboscopes, and much more equipment in their product range. These instruments can be used in laboratory research, quality control, and process control applications. The Shimpo force gauge can be easily measured for push or pull forces in quality control and material testing. These can be used to measure tension and compression forces and in manufacturing assembly, maintenance, and inspection. These do not require batteries and has a Peak mode button that is helpful for doing repetitive testing in an assembly line or quality control lab. The Shimpo digital tachometer is used for estimating and examining gears, rotors, textile equipment, printing production lines, acoustic speakers and more. It has a meter that flashes light enabling you to effectively examine machine parts for imperfections. The easy-to-read backlit display shows the current flash rate, ten user-stored preset flash rates, and low-battery warning. The Shimpo digital stroboscope is high-powered with a black light for use in UV printing, packaging, textile, automotive, cable, mining, steel, chemical, optical, and medical industries for speed and frequency measurements. There is an inbuilt option to control the flash rate for automatic adjustments to process fluctuations.

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