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Sonel Instruments- Multimeter, Insulation Tester, Thermal Camera

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Sonel Test & Measurement Inc. is a well-known manufacturer of supreme quality measuring instruments. Sonel instruments are used for the electrical power and telecommunications areas. These instruments get the accurate measurement results for electrical test various measurement options. Sonel insulation tester executes insulation resistance testing at selectable test voltages preferably at 1kV, 5kV. These have enough safety features and can be used for detecting buried or underground links and conductors. Sonel thermal camera has inclusive IR lenses with multiple options. This thermal camera is moreover furnished with not only visual lenses but related image blending innovations in PIP, MIF formats. Sonel multimeter records information due to inbuilt Trend Capture capacity of the inherent memory. The multimeters are available in different options with capabilities like getting quick and reliable results, transferring data and measurement of data.

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