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Documenting Process Calibrator


Price starts at $5,299.95

Product Code : FLUKE-753

Manufacturer : Fluke

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Included Accessories
Stackable test leads (3 sets), TP220 test probes
(3 sets) with extended tooth” alligator clips
(3 sets), AC280 hook clips (2 sets), BP7240
Li-ion battery pack, BC7240 battery charger,
C799 field soft case, USB communication
cable, getting started guide, instruction
manual on CDROM, NIST traceable certificate
of calibration, DPCTrack™ 2 sample
software that enables upload and printing
of calibration records. HART communication
cable (754 only).
Ordering Information
Fluke 753 Documenting Process Calibrator
Fluke 754 Documenting Process Calibrator
700 TLK Process test lead kit
BP7240 753/754 Spare battery
750 SW DPC/Track2
BC7240 753/754 Battery charger/eliminator
754HCC 754 HART communication cable

753: A complete documenting calibrator The 753 Documenting Process Calibrator automates calibration procedures and captures your data. Use the PC interface for downloading procedures, lists, and instructions to the 753 and for uploading data for printing, archiving and analysis.


Whether you’re calibrating instruments,
troubleshooting a problem or running
routine maintenance, Fluke 750 series
process calibrators can help you get the
job done faster. It does so many different
tasks, so quickly and so well, it’s the only
process calibrator you need to carry.
• Measure volts, mA, RTDs,
thermocouples, frequency, and ohms
to test sensors, transmitters and other
• Source/simulate volts, mA,
thermocouples , RTDs, frequency, ohms,
and pressure to calibrate transmitters
• Power transmitters during test using
loop supply with simultaneous mA
• Measure/source pressure using any of
29 Fluke pressure modules
• Measure and source simultaneously
with one compact, rugged, reliable tool
• Create and run automated as-found/
as-left procedures to satisfy quality
programs or regulations. Record and
document results
• Advanced features like autostep,
custom units, user entered values
during test, one-point and two-point
switch testing, square root DP fl ow
testing, programmable measurement
delay and more
• Control the temperature of selected
Hart Scientifi c Dry Blocks
• Handle fast pulsed RTD transmitters
and PLCs in RTD source mode with
1 ms response time
• English, French, German, Italian, and
Spanish languages
• Three-year warranty

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