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DM3100-8 Data Platform


Price starts at $2,612.50

Product Code : DM3100-8

Manufacturer : Graphtec

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The DM3100 breaks new ground - it's an entirely new kind of data platform.Available in 8 and 16 channel basic models (DM3100-8 and DM3100-16), with or without a graphical TFT display, and chart recorder for hard copy recording. The mainframe has four slots for our DM3 series of 2-channel plug-in modules. Put two mainframes together and you can plug in twice as many modules.

With built-in Ethernet and USB interfaces to your computer and convenient Windows software, the DM3100 can act as a computer-controlled acquisition front-end...or unplug your PC and the DM3100 is a fully functional stand-alone system.

Its incredibly small size and lightness will surprise you. This machine can be placed in the tightest quarters - places where larger instruments simply won't fit.

But does small size and a great price mean that the DM3100 is weak and under-powered? Not hardly - the basic system has 1 MHz/ch sampling! Order the internal 40 GB HDD with your system and get ready for some serious recording. When a moving disk is not appropriate, capture data to internal RAM (512 kS is included as standard)

You Asked For It...
You told us you wanted a networkable data recorder, so that you could monitor and control it from your PC. You told us you wanted to synchronize multiple systems together and acquire more and more channels on the same timebase. You told us that you needed to connect different kinds of sensors directly to the acquisition system - not just voltages like other systems! You also insisted that you wanted a system that could run stand-alone and unattended - with plenty of on-board storage space for the longest tests. You asked for it, and we delivered - the DM3100 was made just for you!

Flash Memory Compatible
The PCM-CIA port built in to the DM3000 series allows you to use many different formats of flash memory sticks, including CF, SD, MemoryStick, and more, simply by using one of the popular and inexpensive adapters available in nearly any computer store. One from SanDisk is shown below for your reference, although several other brands are available

Main Features

  • DM3100-8 (8 channels); DM3100-16 (16 channels)
  • Built-in Ethernet and USB 1.1 interfaces
  • 1 MS/s sampling rate on all channels
  • Bandwidth (frequency response): 200 kHz max using the DM3-V module (1 MHz/ch sample rate)
  • Accepts DM3 series 2-ch plug-in signal conditioning modules
  • 512 kS internal memory is standard
  • PCM-CIA slot is standard
  • Windows control software included (Windows2000 or XP OS required)
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