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Deluxe Lightning Detector


Product Code : LD50

Manufacturer : General Tools

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The General LD50 Base Station Lightening Detector Used by Little League teams, golf courses, farmers, construction sites, schools and universities, athletic complexes and other recreational districts. This portable/ground-based unit comes in a rugged, weather-resistant plastic case and is more powerful than the personal unit and will detect storms within 40 miles but will start detecting thunderstorms up to 70 miles away. It will also sense if the storm is moving towards, away, or parallel to your location. It will identify severe thunderstorms as well as storms that can produce dangerous winds, heavy rains or tornadoes. It is battery operated and can be hand-held or table/wall mountable. It measures 6.5" x 3.1" x 1.5" and weighs 10.8 oz. (w/o batteries). The LED’s indicate ranges from 0-3 miles, 3-8 miles, 8-20 miles and 20-40 miles and the number of alarm beeps will indicate the proximity of lightning. • Detects storms within 40 miles • Easily tell if the storm is moving towards, away, or parallel to your location • Identifies severe thunderstorms as well as storms that produce dangerous winds, heavy rains or tornadoes • Starts detecting thunderstorms up to 70 miles away, registers activity at 40 miles • Used by little league teams, golf courses, and recreational districts • Hand held or table mountable • Optional wall mount accessory Includes: • Batteries About Lightning Detectors A lightning detector is a device that detects lightning produced by thunderstorms. There are three primary types of detectors: a ground-based system, a battery operated mobile system and a space-based system. One type of lightning detector which is rapidly increasing in popularity is the battery-operated personal lightning detector. Similar in size to a pager, personal lightning detectors are popular among golfers, campers, law enforcement, sports officials and other persons who work or recreate outdoors. Personal lightning detectors function by detecting the electromagnetic pulse emitted by a lightning strike. By measuring the strength of the detected EMP, the device can then estimate how far away the detected strike was. When exposed to multiple detected strikes, some personal lightning detectors can even calculate and extrapolate the direction of the storm's movement relative to its position (approaching, departing or stationary).
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